EDIT: correct spellings are now highlighted.  Check your work.

Do not look them up. is off limits!  If you regularly post language-mangled blogs or leave me comments with more words spelled wrong than right, and then you get these all correct, I will know you cheated. Your integrity is at stake. 

Ok, here we go:

Acknowledgment or Acknowledgement?

Cemetary or Cemetery?

Millenium or Millennium or Milennium?

Minuscule or Miniscule?

Sacrilegious or Sacreligious?

Supercede or Supersede?

Resistance or Resistence?

Embarrassment or Embarassment or Embarrasment?

Innoculate or Inoculate?

Dachshund or Dachsund?

Oh, I just realized that Xanga’s spell-checker will tell you if you’re wrong.  Ok, type what you think is the right spelling, and don’t change it if you get the red dotted line.  Personal integrity is key to long-term success and a pleasant afterlife.  No cheating!


14 thoughts on “TR’s SPELLING CHALLENGE

  1. This challenge makes me grateful for, apart from  my several deficits, my synesthesia; All the wrong choices are so obviously ‘off-coloured’ that the game is as easy as fishing in a bath-tub. And yet… and yet I do have consistent trouble with the word ‘separate’. It just never looks ‘right’ with ‘a-rat’ in it.

  2. @jsolberg – oooh – do explain! What is that, exactly?@Lenore_Happenstance – I almost won a spelling bee in 5th grade, but panicked and spelled piano paino (although I knew better). Self sabatoge: my specialty!And the word I have the worst time with is definitely. I know the correct spelling, but when I type it, my fingers want to change it. Gah!

  3. Acknowledgment?Cemetery?Milennium?Minuscule?Sacrilegious?Supercede?Resistance?Embarassment?Innoculate?Dachshund?Dang… these were difficult words. How’d I do? I like to think I’m a pretty good speller. Let’s hope I don’t have to eat my words.

  4. @Shahrazad1973 – You can google the word; there is extensive literature nowadays on the condition: a cross-connection between normally discrete senses. I’ve written about my curse/blessing on my site a bit. The ‘benefit’ I mention above is that all letters have distinct colours, which haven’t changed since birth, and so a word looks to me like a particularly recognizable flannel shirt, let’s say. (And like a ‘card-counter’ in Vegas, I’m not allowed into spelling bees, haha.)  

  5. I always get cemetery wrong. In fact now days I spend more time looking up what I used to be able to spell. So I’ll skip embarassing myself.  btw xanga always gives me the red line on don’t and such.

  6. Acknowledgement CemetaryMilleniumSacreligiousSupercedeResistenceEmberrasmentInnoculateDachshundOk I’m sure I got most of them wrong, but without spell check I usually spell Sacreligeous with an 8 (Sacreli8geous)  so what do I know.

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