Just out of curiosity, what is the appropriate time to begin freaking out about one’s ever-advancing age? 

Here’s my sad story for the day.  Listening to the radio, I heard a song I liked, one I’d never heard before because I’m too old to listen to modern music.  The male singer reminisced about the summer of 1989, when he’d enjoyed the company of a young woman and spent the summer singing along to Sweet Home Alabama.  The song included the instantly recognizable riffs from that classic tune, and had a happy, 70’s pop flavor to it.  I enjoy 70’s pop and I love me some Lynyrd Skynyrd, because I’m just that old.  So I got on the google to track this song down.

To my dismay, the artist turned out to be Kid Rock, a singer I associate with misogynistic, pornographic lyrics.  The tune that I liked, called All Summer Long, appears on an album called Rock n Roll Jesus.  I listened to the sample bits on Amazon, finding enough pornography in those few seconds to convince me to pass.  So I visited iTunes, hoping I could pony up 99 cents for the one song.  But no.  Mr. Rock refuses to sell his music on iTunes, because he views his albums as works of art that should not be sold piecemeal to the public. 

Kid, your albums are not art.  They are mostly trash.  Indeed, I’ve only heard the radio version of All Summer Long, and probably wouldn’t appreciate the unexpurgated version anyway.  No, I will not purchase an album I wouldn’t want my kids to listen to.  If you sent me a free copy for my birthday, I would toss it in the trash with the Pizza Hut coupon.

***Going back to the blues***


21 thoughts on “Forty-Freaking-Four

  1. You can’t buy only the one song on Amazon? Yeah, sometimes songs are “album only”, which I hate. :/ I like collecting singles so I get only what I want.I freaked out about my advanced age last year. 😛 Hopefully that got it out of my system.

  2. Growing up, we all had a cut-off that we defined as too young to hang with.  In my case it was my younger brother.  If you were younger than my younger brother you were too young for me to hang with.  My younger brother is now a 55 year-old dentist.  It’s definitely time for me to start freaking out.

  3. Great post! I hear ya’ on this too. I still listen to my Skynyard, Pink Floyd and Johnny Winter – on my old vinyl albums! Kid Rock is such a dick. I don’t know how he ever became a hit/success either. Artist. hahahahaha  GAG ! 

  4. I decided recently to stop doing the math and confine my emotional  reactions to  my age to what my body tells me.It usually reassures  but  it will sometimes give me a   reality check.I have begun to   have streaks of silver in my hair but my  youngest says its pretty ,not being yet infected with ageism she can see it that way. Ican too when i take a second look.I accept  most of the effects of aging that are physical ,and even those that impact my functional life.(as in a bad back) but I do not  choose to get too worked up about a number because  it feels like it can  become  self defeating and  prematurely psychologically age me.I also feel we all .age in our own unique way and while  there are challenges and conditions that are  genetically predetermined that we can’t change  we do  have a lot of wiggle room and adaptive skills that can help  and are rooted in attitude. I have no wish to be younger but every desire to be as healthy and happy as I  can be.Forty four as a number does not seem old at all to me . look at it as  thing to be proud of since it suggests you have been around long enough to have learned alot about yourself and life:)

  5. I liked the song “All Summer Long” the first 9000 times they played it on the radio. After that it started to get old.  I am a huge blues fan, so I want you to do something. (stop arguing, just do it) Go to the website of a band called Jennifer Marriott and Odd Sheep Out –  and download their album “Ba Ba Blue Sheep.”  (Yes, I meant right now) You will thank me later.

  6. I don’t know when one is supposed to start freaking out about thier advanced age.  I just turned 61 and am still having to much fun to think about freaking out about age.  Maybe when I am 100 I will think about it.

  7. Have to agree with Barn_Bear.  Once your heart stops, then it’s time to worry.  And since you can’t worry then (and begin sentences with “and”!) there’s no use worrying about it.  Sure, I understand when you get to the age that you feel is “old”.  For me, that’s already passed (25–the age my mother was when she had me), so I’ve got nothing to do but go up! 

  8. It was about when I was your age that I first began to truly believe that whatever age I am, that’s the best age to be.  Isn’t that almost the opposite of freaking out?  Just asking.I’m even less hip about modern pop music than anyone else around here.  Never heard of the song you refer to, or of the singer.  I listen to either the classical music station, or the pop music station that plays mostly the mainstream stuff from the ’50s and ’60s, along with folks like Frank Sinatra and Andy Williams, if that’s not redundant.  Also fond of jazz and country music from any era.

  9. I think the tiem to freak out is when you break a hip.  Until then just let it slide and spend all that energy you’d be spending on angst thinking about how superior your tastes are to the drivel that’s out there now.  And repeat after me, Kid Rock MY ASS.

  10. Forty-Freakin-Four?!?  Last week you told me you were only 43?  Oh wait.  Damn my memory and reasoning skills are going.  Yikes, I mean I remember now…, right Forty three becomes forty-freakin-four.  Yeah I’m back on top of things now.  WHEW, for a minute I thought I may have lost it and might have to freak out.  What’s your name again?  I mean, Happy Birthday!  Have a drink, or a peice of birthday cake for me.

  11. happy birthday by the way… i started freaking out at 34 and manage to maintain a cool exterior to hide the inner freaking yearly since then. and i like kid rock- trashy parts and all… bc… i can! 🙂 but i haven’t bought any of his stuff- won’t even dl it illegally… what about pandora radio, lastfm or one of those online streaming sites- bet they have him!

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