Nine Returns

Three and a half years ago I wrote a post about my eldest child’s ninth birthday.  Number nine has come to the Rabbit house again–this time to my youngest, my Little Bit.  She and three of her pals are giggling in the next room, all of them snuggled into an immense pile of cushions and blankets they fashioned into a nest. 

If you met my child, you would find her quiet.  She keeps her own counsel with most people, preferring to watch and listen without speaking much, until she’s confident that her input will be welcomed.  With friends and family, she’s goofy, fun, hippity-hoppity, and full of joy.  She’s a hugger, this one.  As a baby, she wanted to be held All. The. Time.  Now, still, I have only to open my arms to have her run into them. 

My daughter is tall for her age, slim, and strong.  She reads voraciously, writes long and wonderful stories, plays the piano, and creates art out of scraps of this and that.  She feels deeply, and loves generously.  Little Bit strives for perfection in all she does.  A mathematician at heart, she knows she can always arrive at the right answer if she works her way methodically through the problem. 

Little Bit, we used to play the “how much do you love me” game, and you could always think of bigger numbers and longer distances than I could.  But here’s something true: your mama’s love for you has no limits and no boundaries. 

Happy birthday, baby girl.  May all 525,600 minutes of your nine-year-old year be awesome.  (I used a calculator to figure that out, but I know you would’ve done it in your head.)

Self portrait, by Little Bit


15 thoughts on “Nine Returns

  1. Happy Ninth Birthday to Little Bit!Always a pleasure to read your writing.  I was wandering/wading through handwritten recipes from my mom, dad, grandmother, etc. while my daughter in law was present a couple of days ago.  Came across the print out of your “Grammys suger cookies” and gave Susie a copy.  Must make them again one of these days.May both of your young charges live long and prosper.

  2. That is one of the sweetest birthday posts I’ve ever read. The self-portrait, I couldn’t have done at 59. Please tell the li’l prodigy that she is loved and appreciated by folks on the other side of the planet, thanks to her Momma’s thoughtfulness

  3. You would have known how many minutes were in a year if you’d listened to the sound track for Rent as many times as I have. (-:Happy birthday to your precious girl – wonder where she gets that mathematically ability? Perhaps a genetic contribution from the technogeek that hangs around your house? I love kids who hug and snuggle.  There is no better feeling than little arms wrapped around your neck!

  4. It’s been a great birthday. Scones for breakfast with the sleepover guests, new books to read, new games to play, pasta for lunch, dinner at her favorite Sushi place! Now she has her new pajamas on, so it’s happy birthday, and good night, my sweetiest Sweetie Pie!

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