Testy Letters

Dear David Letterman,
Along with the rest of the nation, I am grieving for your tribulations, in which some dirtbag attempted to blackmail you.  Actually, I think you should’ve blackmailed him right back.  “Ok, here’s your two million dollars for keeping quiet about my adultery.  Now, if you don’t pay me four million, I’m going to tell everybody you blackmailed me, and blackmailing trumps adultery on the dirtbag scale.”  Alternatively, Dave, you could try being a decent human instead of engaging in the very same behavior for which you regularly skewer others.  Don’t we get enough of that from Republican politicians?  So shut up already.

Dear Mackenzie Phillips,
I so didn’t want to know that.  And no, your revelation will not entice me to buy your book.  Shut up.

Dear President Obama,
So far, you are all hope and no change.  Mostly you speechify.  And you do talk pretty, but the election is over. The Repubs have done their part, working the faithful up into full-blown tantrums of screeching hysterics.  They’ve gone all the way over the top and down the other side.  Now they’re getting bored, tapping their fingers, waiting for you to implement that socialist agenda of yours.  So implement already.  Meanwhile, shut up.  And Barack–don’t go on Letterman!

Dear Jon and/or Kate,
I feel sorry for your children.  Shut up.

Dear Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and other right-wing a%^*&^%s who cheered when the US lost its bid to host the 2016 Olympics, just because, in your opinion, it made Obama look bad,
You have no redeeming value whatsoever.  Jon and Kate deserve more respect, attention, and devotion than all of you put together, and they deserve very little indeed.  Shut up, shut up, shut up.


17 thoughts on “Testy Letters

  1. Sniff…I’m so proud of you!  You said everything I’ve been thinking about all this stuff!  I’m so sick of all these people I could just SCREAM!  Why yes, I do feel better.

  2. The fact that there are people who think it’s a good thing when someone unfortunate happens to America- be it not getting the olympics or suffering a bad economy- because they care more about making Obama look bad than they do about anything else… well, that just gets me. :/ Yet, there they are.

  3. Couldn’t agree more. And in an odd foot-note: After months of scrolling past any mention of the typically-inane US Jon&Kate saga, I finally googled the show, if only to ‘know thine enemy’. Suprise: they live right down the road from my PA house-in-exile, and I went to school with Kate’s mom. Ugh.  

  4. I just happened to catch the part where Ms. Phillips was asked whether or not she had enjoyed having sex with her father and you could tell from her response that yes she had but once she got pregant it changed her thinking.  Yikes!I was thinking about that today and how brave it was for her to have told the truth.  Who knows how many girls heard that and forgave themselves a little.  Not that there was anything to forgive, if you ask me, unless it was the father. 

  5. Oh, TR, the accuracy of your letters!  I actually am not entirely sur who M. Philips is, but apparently she had sex with her father?  Well, it wouldn’t be the first time.And you’d think Dave could find the humor in the situation, you know? 

  6. LOL that’s right Implement already ignore then Rebubs! M.Philips was so gross what is the point of telling? ??I wish Jon and kate would be ignored by the press! You know like that couple that fights in your neighborhood so much that you just go” OH its them!” And turn your back. Gosh you hit the nail on the head with this post Well done!

  7. This was entertaining.  However, I am utterly indifferent to all these people, except perhaps the President, who deserves respect as an officeholder.  I am so indifferent to all these people I had a hard time mustering the energy to type my usual lengthy comment.

  8. I disagree with you about President Obama. I  can not imagine tackling as many issues as he has  concurrently without some errors ,and with out  running into major obstacles.He speaks well because he thinks well but  not everyone does and politics is about a lot more then his leadership skills.The ferocity with which those who want to derail progress have been about their business  may not succeed because the ideas behind their rants are primitive at best and  are not what we want but they are going to slow things down..I personally prefer a deliberative approach to one in which decisions are made  with haste just to  meet a timeline.That does not mean I agree with  the President  on all points  and his pragmatic approach at times gets on my last nerve   but as bad as things are I think hes the best we could have up there. Michell Phillips has in my opinion every right to share her story with the broader public..It is enough to know the head line to be able to avoid the details if they offend but  she speaks  for women other then herself who might not be able to deal with the recrimination and blame that she has opened herself up too.I believe her and think it may help her in more then monetary ways to write a book about her life,and after punishing herself for decades if it gets her some peace of mind I am all for itI agree with your other points    and understand your vexation

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