Rock of Ages

What, you’re tired of hearing about agribusiness and how soulless megacorps have destroyed our heritage and the nourishing food that is our birthright?  Fine.  Watch this instead, just because I thought it was funny.  ♫


13 thoughts on “Rock of Ages

  1. @turningreen – Mormons like Jello…  We can’t have coffee or tea so there needs to be something to wash down all the dry bundt cake with, so…   Jello.  Green Jello is best to put stuff in.  (fruit and marshmellos etc. as it has the most non-descript lime flavor)  So there’s always green jello with every gathering.

  2. @turningreen – Jello is also a really cheap thing to bring.  When you have 6 kids and only one famiy income… well you do the math.  You can make it 3 days in advance and you’re good to go, You can also make it when you only have two hours to get to the event and have 6 kids to bath and dress.  I can remember having it sitting in a small box with a garbage bag full of ice and it still setting up in the car on the way to the church.  @transvestite_rabbit – I’m not aware of jello being involved with any ritual in the temple, but I who knows what the 12 apostles do……

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