The hate that dares not speak its name

Well, Washington state has hit the big time now–Stephen Colbert discussed our Referendum 71 on the Colbert Report.

A little background before you watch: the state legislature passed a law expanding benefits for same-sex and senior couples registered as domestic partners, so that they would have the same rights as married heterosexuals.  It was dubbed the “everything but marriage” law. Gay haters undertook a petition drive to get the issue on the ballot, so voters would have the opportunity to reverse the legislature’s decision and deny equal rights to gay couples.

Pro-gay-rights activists attempted to make public the names of the people who signed the petitions.  (Note that petition signing is not a private act, like voting.)  As you might expect, the petition purveyors, who apparently lack the courage of their convictions, went to court to block the move. 

So, here’s Colbert.  He’s funny, while I’m just crabby.


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10 thoughts on “The hate that dares not speak its name

  1. Mr. Colbert, you sir are a funny man.  I hope all the people that signed the petition never have to have their names released because we just don’t care and this hateful legislastion is beaten back.  Where are all those who just last year were saying, “If you don’t call it marraige, we don’t have a problem with it because then it’s just a civil thing.”  They just want to make sure that we know we’re not as good as them.  It makes me sad that the only way you think your marriage is valid is if others can’t have it. I guess that’s a good way to say, “Hey, I’m going to heaven and you’re not!”

  2. I couldn’t see the piece.  Must be a problem on my end.  I love Stephen Colbert, however.  One of the funniest men alive, in my opinion.  If I were a comedian, I would be Stephen Colbert (and thus you see what a high opinion I have of myself).

  3. Thank you, I enjoyed that. I particularly like the ‘secret identity’ of the ‘roommate’–the cherished partner “who helps make up statistics about Scandanavia’. We are struggling here to pass a city bill to protected people of color, gays and transgendered people’ in terms of jobs and housing. Pushing God aside, guess what the major issue is? Public bathrooms and women’s gym locker rooms, and, of course, the ever-inquisitive penis.

  4. I avoid US TV, but know enough about this issue to comment that it reminds me of the famous saying after the Shoah (holocaust). ‘First they came for the gays, but, big deal, I’m straight… etc. ‘ At least in China, intellectuals became the preferred victims of ‘selection’. Now to figure whether it’s a ‘No’ or a ‘Yes’ which preserves essential human respect on this Prop.

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