The News, In Sum

Washington State’s Referendum 71: Liberal love trumps Christian contempt.

Maine’s Proposition 1: The reverse.


15 thoughts on “The News, In Sum

  1. @transvestite_rabbit - a taxing entity was trying to annex our part of town to pull in additional property tax revenues.  The problem is, once annexed, the annexed property owners have no additional input or voting rights with respect to future taxes.  Your opportunity to affect taxes boiled down to voting yes for annexation, or no annexation.  I probably don’t have to tell you which way I went with it.  :D

  2. Well, there you go.  Does this mean we no longer need to make the petition signers’ names public, or do we still want to do that, just to make sure we don’t accidentally invite them to a party or something?

  3. Here’s what I find interesting:  People who oppose gay marriage claim they’re not anti-gay, but are “protecting the institution of marriage.”  Yet in Washington state, an (almost) equal rights referendum comes along that specifically does not include marriage… and it still just barely passed.

  4. @transvestite_rabbit – My mom (who lives here, too) was talking to a woman yesterday about Sarah Palin being in the news again.  This southern lady said, “Well, I think each of the many colleges she went to was a learning experience for her and made her smarter.  And Obama can’t even prove he was born in this country.”  GULP.  My mom was speechless.  So there’s one thing Obama did — tricked us with his birth certificate, I guess.

  5. @transvestite_rabbit – Somehow, he won.  Lord knows I mentioned it enough on my damn blog that there was no way NO WAY!!!! that he would win–surely, there weren’t enough white and minority liberals to elect the man to the doghouse.  Boy, was I wrong!  And now, they’re all pissed because of some shit–hey, don’t get mad at him, YOU’RE the folks that elected him!  What did you think he was going to do?  Light up a cig and walk on water like he was some new Messiah or something?  And because I can’t remember this, but the unemployment rate was just as high during the Reagan years…did folks complain about this then?  The most I can remember about that era was that the guy seemed kinda “off” even then.  But then again, dude was the Teflon President, and no matter what happened, he’s escape unscathed.(Wow, did I ever get off of the subject!)

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