Out:  Chanukah.  This was the final night.  I won’t have to shave down the bottoms of those cheap, crappy candles that don’t fit in the menorah again for a whole year. 

In:  That other December holiday.  You know, Solstice.  I hope it’s not raining too hard when we go out to dance in the woods.

Out:  John Irving’s Until I Find You, a weighty tome in the genre of literary fiction. I started reading this book about a week ago.  In Part I, an artistically talented but moronic woman drags her four-year-old son around Scandinavia in a fruitless search for the boy’s father, who doesn’t want to be found.  Each chapter is nearly an exact replica of the previous one, and each one made me wonder if someone had dropped this woman on her head when she was a baby.  I gratefully began Part II, in which the boy begins school in Canada, thinking it would surely be better.  After several chapters of the boy being repeatedly molested by malevolent teenaged girls, I’ve determined that it would be more enjoyable to whack myself over the head with this 800-page volume than to read any more of it.  OUT.

In:  It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Murder, by Xanga’s own Jeff Markowitz. I started reading this one last night and found it fast-paced and fun.  I nearly wept with relief.  IN!

Out:  School.  The girls have two weeks off to enjoy their Chanukah presents and play with the kittens. I, unfortunately, have a full day of classes tomorrow (Saturday).

In:  Peppermint mocha in the morning–breakfast of champions.


14 thoughts on “OUT AND IN

  1. Our Chanuka candles must’ve been cheap too, because we have a million boxes of them, and I’m sure my MIL got them at a “good price.”  We end up using them for birthdays sometimes.I hate starting a book I can’t (read don’t want to) finish.

  2. Oooooooh……Peppermint Mocha.  I was planning to get one today to mark the beginning of Winter Break, but we are totally snowed in!  I’ll have to get creative and see if I can McGyver one out of coffee, dark chocolate and a candy cane.

  3. I always wanted to find a friend who celebrated Chanuka so I could experience that whole adventure. I used to do Xmas with my family, but that’s all over now. I thought maybe I’d try a different holiday every year for a while. Might be fun. 

  4. I’m so glad you told me about John Irving!  I just bought “Her Fearful Symmetry” by the Time Traveler’s Wife’s author (whose name I won’t attempt to spell) and I’ve heard it’s decent but didn’t know about the Irving thing.  Did you buy the Markowitz book on Amazon?  re:  Peppermint Mocha…I couldn’t agree more.  No day can start poorly if you have a peppermint mocha breakfast.

  5. My favorite ‘nes hannukha’ was a girl I half knew, decided to get back to her roots, invited me on the second night and asked if I could bring another box of candles. Turned out she’d lit all  44 the first night, in batches of 9. I enjoyed patiently explaning the process.  She had two left over at the end.

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