A Musical Interlude

Yesterday I received a thank-you note from my 12-year-old nephew, Chip, for the Hanumas present I sent him.  It’s not just the standard obligatory polite thank you–it’s an extremely charming, newsy letter full of details about his life and (mostly Star Wars related) interests.  I much enjoyed it, but now feel guilty because my girls have not even written standard obligatory polite thank yous, let alone charming newsy letters.

So I suggested that they each write Chip a letter, since he was thoughtful enough to write one to us.  They agreed to do so, but I’m wondering what Tigger could tell Chip about her life that would make any sense to him.  The inner life of a middle school girl is inexplicable to anyone else.

Now for a musical interlude.

A few weeks ago I read an article in Newsweek in which a journalist details his experiences being imprisoned in Iran.  He was held captive and tortured for over three months on bizarre trumped-up charges.  Throughout his ordeal (during which he considered breaking his glasses and slitting his wrists with the shards) he was comforted and sustained by the music, which he played in his head, of Leonard Cohen.

Cohen can best be described as a songwriter whose songs are so poetic they are still beautiful even when sung by Leonard Cohen (think gruff, droning voice).  In the hands of the more vocally gifted, the songs are sublime.  If you are old enough you may remember Judy Collins’ exquisite rendition of Suzanne, probably Cohen’s best-known song.

If you have a few minutes, click play and listen to Tori Amos sing my favorite Leonard Cohen song–Famous Blue Raincoat.  Think of it as emergency preparedness, like stocking up on bottled water.  You may need it to get you through an ordeal.


9 thoughts on “A Musical Interlude

  1. oh god, I love Tori Amos.  immensely.    I think it would be quite revealing for a 12yo girl and a 12yo boy to share letters!  Might provide some important insights…  My son wrote some really cute thank-you notes for christmas money and long-distance gifts – not newsy, but cute and beyond two words.  Perhaps I’m easily impressed.   

  2.     Hauntingly beautiful.   I’m all set now for the next time it rains.   Unfortunately, it won’t help much with the foot of snow here.   I’d love to get a long letter from Tigger or Little Bit.   As a bonus, Bears are not brothered by typos.   

  3. I read a poem a million years ago by Leonard Cohen that I adored.  At least, I’m almost 100% sure it was one of his.  Now I’m going to have to go look it up.  I’ll be back………Nevermind.  It was Leonard Bernstein.  But while I was searching I read some of L.C.’s  stuff.  Nice.

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