Pantsless in Seattle

A friend of mine, upon returning to Seattle from Las Vegas, posted this on Facebook:

Why are there so many people at SeaTac airport without pants?

Good heavens, I thought.  Thanks to that Nigerian dude and his underwear bomb, we now have to take our pants off at the airport.  Score another win for the Religion of Peace.

Hours later, surfing Google news, I saw this headline:

Riders go pantless on Seattle’s Link light rail

Aha!  It wasn’t homeland security after all, just a harmless exercise in civil weirdness.  Apparently, no-pants subway rides have happened around the country, and since Seattle has a brand-spankin’-new light rail system, some intrepid travelers decided to follow suit.

It reminded me of the great Grand Central Freeze, in which hundreds of people suddenly froze in place for five solid minutes in that bustling station, much to the bewilderment of those not in on the joke.  It is ten shades of awesome.  Watch:


9 thoughts on “Pantsless in Seattle

  1. Amazing and really funny.   Much better than pantsless subways.   Of course, bears seldom wear pants anyway.  Now that I think of it, we don’t move a whole lot either.

  2. If people shop Wal Mart in there pj bottoms and kids in all of the pj’s what is so unusual about this?  I hope no one who wears Depends decides to try this.

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