Ask TR: Harry Reid edition

Q: Why are the repubs so upset with Harry Reid?

TR explains:
They’re not.  The GOP gives much less than a rat’s patootie what Harry Reid said two years ago.  It’s all manufactured outrage by the neo-sensitive to give them an excuse to attack a powerful democrat.

Q: But what did Harry Reid do wrong?

TR: This is what he did wrong–he apologized when he had done nothing wrong.  Harry said that an Obama clone with dark skin and an urban-black-guy accent would not be a viable presidential candidate.  This is a.) absolutely true, and b.) a statement about the American public, not about Obama. 

Q: Didn’t he use the phrase “negro dialect”?

TR: Yeah, that was lame.  Stupid 70-year-old Mormon.

Q: But didn’t the dems crucify Trent Lott the same way?

TR: Not exactly.  This is what Trent did–he said that had Strom Thurmond, who ran on a segregationist platform, been elected president, things would’ve been much better in our country.  The clear implication: America would’ve been better off with segregationist policies.  Now, I don’t really think that’s what Trent meant to say, because no one with an interest in his political future would say such a thing.  But I don’t know what he was trying to say, because all anybody remembers about Strom Thurmond is that he was an old racist who screwed the black help and failed to acknowledge the resulting children. 

Q: What should Harry do now?

TR: He should man up and tell the repubs where to shove their puerile malice.

Q: Thanks for clearing that up, TR.

TR: Anytime.


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