La Vie TR

After staring glumly in the mirror at the ever-increasing strands of gray hair gracing my head, I went downstairs to pose a question to my husband.

“Is it time for me to color my hair, to hide the gray?”

He turned an unhealthy shade and stammered and sputtered his way through an answer, the gist of which was “Your hair looks fine just the way it is.  Don’t do anything on my account.  But if you want to change the color, that’s your peroxide…I mean prerogative.”

Ruminating upon this exchange later, I concluded that I’d never had any intention of coloring my hair, and I asked poor TechnoGeek that question just to watch him squirm.  That was kind of mean.  But he comported himself quite well, don’t you think?  He even asked if I wanted him to dye out the gray in his beard.  I don’t.  I like a gray beard on a man.

My 12-year-old, who enjoys decorating herself with makeup, is struggling to learn the art without any help from me.  I never touch the stuff.  Recently she tried to use me as her own personal Barbie Styling Head.  When I couldn’t tolerate any more doodads in my hair, she asked if she could make me up.


“Please?  Just a little eyeliner?”


“Oh come on…can I?”

“Hell no!  Get that wand thingie away from me.”

In case you are wondering, yes I do let her wear makeup to school.  I just don’t allow it in the house.

Have I mentioned that we are gearing up to remodel a bathroom?  Ok, actually, we’ve been gearing up to remodel that bathroom since 1995.  But we’re really going to do it now.  As soon as we finish picking out all the stuff.

It takes an astonishing amount of stuff to create a bathroom.  It all has to be researched, debated about, shopped for, and decided upon.  The stuff includes:

Vanity size and configuration


Color of finish

Style of doors and drawers

Style of knobs or handles for doors or drawers

Countertop material

Countertop color

Sink—size, shape, color

Faucets—center set?  widespread? single or double handle?  Style?  Color?

Mirror—size?  shape? framed or not? medicine cabinet or not?  Light bar above?  Lights on the sides?

Tub size, color, material, type (drop in?  Stand alone?  With apron or requiring enclosure?  Doors?  Curtain? Tile on walls or some other enclosure material?

Tub faucets—same questions as sink faucet, add shower head questions.

Tile—all one color?  patterned? earthy tones?  bright? color of grout? wall tiles? 

Walls—painted?  What color?

Window—clear or frosted glass?  Slider or sash? 

Toilet—thankfully, we have a perfectly good toilet.  It is the only part of the old bathroom we are going to keep, and therefore I don’t have to shop for one.

There’s more, but I’m already so disheartened from typing the list it may add another 2-4 weeks to the process because now I can’t bear to think about it for awhile.

Shall I post before and after pictures?  Yes, I think I shall.  Stay tuned.



5 thoughts on “La Vie TR

  1. 1. I am avoiding coloring my hair for as long as possible, because who needs one more thing to fit on the schedule?  2. My 8 y.o. daughter has put makeup on me before, and she does a far better job than I do on myself.  She is patient and artistic.  I rush and don’t really care.  3. The very best thing in my entire house, which was here before we moved in, is a heated ceramic tile floor in the master bathroom.  To DIE for.  (I know that’s a sentence fragment, but really… other words are necessary.)

  2. I get tired just thinking about remodeling.My 11-year-old wants to wear makeup, but I feel that 11 is too young.  I’m holding out another five weeks, when she turns 12.  I still think make-up on 12-year-olds is ridiculous.  Good skin is wasted on the young.

  3. Youth is always wasted on the young!  I would really appreciate being young now.  When I actually WAS young I was totally oblivious.  You’ve made an excellent decision regarding Tigger’s make-up;  wearing it to school, and not at home.  Love it!  I’ve decided to send her TONS of it for her birthday!

  4. I have a similar policy on perfume (which my 8yo recently discovered) – don’t wear it in the house… or at school, because some people might be allergic.   I don’t like being the hair & makeup model, either.  And, yes, bathroom photos! 

  5. Tigger is gorgeous without makeup, which I’m sure makes absolutely no impression on her.  That’s the sort of thing that makes me glad to have a boy.Having been through the total bathroom remodel with 2 bathrooms simultaneously, I wish you luck.  We had to move out of the house for a couple weeks.  Tip: Don’t get the glass waterfall faucet.  It looks cool, but it’s hard to keep clean and tends to be drippy.

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