Look at My New Bathroom!

Did I tell you guys we finished the bathroom remodel?  It only took for-freaking-ever.  Word to the wise: if you should be contemplating hiring a contractor to remodel some part of your house, as in, the place where you live, as in, the place where you would rather not have contractors hanging about for months on end, and you yourself do not know diddly about designing house parts, and you do not especially enjoy shopping for house-part components like, say, plumbing fixtures and tiles and mirrors and paint colors and many, many more things, then shell out the extra bucks to have a professional house-part designer plan it out for you.  Seriously.

On to the pictures!

The view from the door.

That countertop is “Caesarstone.”  The color is “nougat.”  In case you were wondering.

There was a big cabinet where that little table is, but after the contractor installed it, we hated it.  It’s in the closet now.  Did I mention you should have a professional designer?

I’m pretty pleased with the lights we chose, but we really should’ve put another recessed light in the ceiling.  The room’s a little dim.

We had a disagreement about whether to get a fixed shower head or a hand shower.  So we got both.

The closet is big. 

The tile has some random accent pieces.  Aren’t we artistic-like?

Even better, the floor is heated.  Here’s the bathroom control center.

That concludes the bathroom slide show.  I never did take any “before” pictures so you could compare.  The “before” bathroom was so revolting I couldn’t bear to record it for posterity.  Bathroom remodel = $$$. Not having to pee with my eyes closed = priceless.


15 thoughts on “Look at My New Bathroom!

  1. I love the idea of heated floors, it’s so luxurious!  Didn’t you have double sinks before?  The lights are so pretty!  Keep the bathroom dim.  You don’t put on make-up, so you don’t need bright light.  Believe me, as you get older you won’t want it so bright anyway.   The artistic touch on the floor is lovely.  I’m so proud of you, you did a wonderful job!

  2. @Rockinbear05 – We did have double sinks before, for no good reason since we never use the bathroom at the same time.  We also had a shower stall in addition to the tub/shower.  Why it was built that way, I have no idea.  That big closet includes the space where the shower stall was.  As a final touch of luxury, we are going to add a towel warmer, which will be mounted on the wall above the little table/magazine rack.

  3. Incredible how your decor matches the latest style here in the Mediterranean: ‘Ev’en Kai’sar’ is what  we call the Ceasar Stone, and the floor tiles are ‘de rigeur’ for hi-status clients. I agree with your post-mortem: The best situation is certainly a short-and-sweet process. And finally, enjoy every square cm. of your tasteful re-mod.

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