The intervals between my posts keep getting longer.  I even missed my Xangaversary—I’ve been blogging in these parts since August 23, 2004.  Why has my interest waned?  It’s partly because my Xanga posse has largely disintegrated.  Every time I visit Xanga’s front page I feel like I’m lurking around the local youth hangout—bored and embarrassed.  And perhaps the microblogging that is Facebook has sucked up so much of my time and attention that there’s none left over for my friends over here. 


In any case, I’m here today to hit the highlights of the last however long it’s been, categorized for your convenience.



I’m glad summer is almost over.  I want the kids to go back to school.  I want to slide back into my normal routine.  I want to wear the same jeans and sweaters I’ve been wearing all summer without feeling resentful about it because it’s supposed to be cold in the fall.  Fall has always been my favorite season.  I want to make soup and bake an apple pie with my youngest daughter.


Mid-term Elections

They say the Repubs might take the House in November.  Or is it the Senate?  Whatever.  Who cares?  The spineless Dems have mostly allowed the obstructionist minority to prevent them from accomplishing anything.  If we put in a gridlock congress, what will change?  Nothing.


The Tea Party

They’re mad as hell and they’re going to show up in large groups and wave signs!  They can’t articulate what, exactly, they’re mad about, or what, exactly, they’d like to do about it, but boy are they mad!  America is waning!  It’s waning, they tell us!  Did I mention that they’re mad?  They are!  And they’re not racists!  They’re just very large groups of angry, sign-waving white people.


Gay Stuff

Yet another prominent Republican (Former RNC chairman Ken Mehlman) has danced on out of closet and come out, as it were, in favor of same-sex marriage.  My prediction: In 40 years, when equal rights for gay people have long since been achieved, a doddering old Glenn Beck will stage a rally at Stonewall and claim, excuse me, reclaim the gay rights movement as a right-wing movement.  After all, they had Tea Parties, and what could be gayer than that?


The South American Miners Who Will Be Trapped for Months

The mining industry fascinates me because of the sheer evil greed of the mining companies.  Stay with me, I’ll come back to that.  I recently read a book called Why Men Earn More, in which the author puts forth a number of reasons why a wage gap between men and women persists in spite of the apparent lack of barriers standing in front of women nowadays (as long as you don’t look too closely or think too hard, anyway).  One reason, he explains, is that men are socialized to be disposable, and thus are willing to work at difficult and dangerous jobs that women have too much sense to do.  Like mining.  It is certainly true that the most dangerous jobs are done almost entirely by men.  It is not true that they make a lot of money that way.  Men are not socialized to be disposable.  Poor and disenfranchised men are socialized to be disposable.  The author further notes that when women enter dangerous professions, the work conditions are altered to make them safer, because women are not believed to be disposable.  Or stupid, I guess.  Had any women been on that South American mining crew, perhaps the accident would not have occurred because the evil, greedy mining company would have been shamed by their female non-disposableness into attending to the many safety violations they let slide when only men’s lives were at stake.


My Kids

Headed into 8th grade in a few days, Tigger will rule the middle school.  She volunteered to be a “WEB leader,” which means she’s been assigned a group of younger students to mentor and assist in their transition to middle school.  Tig says last year’s WEB leaders were lame and paid little attention to their “weblings.”    She, on the other hand, plans to bring them cookies on the first day and to offer them friendship throughout the school year, because she’s just cool like that. 


Little Bit is beginning 4th grade this week.  This summer she completed her first ever week of sleep-away camp.  She took photos with her—not of her parents or her sister, but of the cats.  This child loves those cats so much she can chatter about them pretty much endlessly.  And within minutes of coming home from camp or errands or whatever, she will be found on the couch with a book, with both cats near or on top of her.  Little Bit is less than a month away from 10.  Double digits, baby! 



I gave up on that silly getting-a-job idea and freelanced all summer.  As a result, I was able to drive both kids everywhere they needed to go and show up for every event/performance to which parents were invited.  And I currently have enough freelance work to keep me out of trouble.  Too much, some weeks.  So it’s all good.    


My Book

Remember when I told you I had a book contract?  I still do.  I just haven’t written the damn book yet.  Let’s hope fall is a productive season as well as one filled with soup, apples, and happy, busy children.




13 thoughts on “

  1. and a fine update it was. Your choir has sort of drifted off, I’m still here , because agreeing with you exclusively was never in my membership contract! have a fantastic fall, er, autumn!

  2. I’m quite glad and somewhat relieved to hear that it’s NOT just me who doesn’t understand the Tea Party. I thought for sure I was missing out on the details cause I don’t live in the States or perhaps they were purposely hiding em for some nefarious reason (Gasp! Much like they claim Obama’s REAL birth certificate is missing. It’s all coming together now). Can’t imagine the Republicans getting any nuttier but then again never misunderestimate or refudiate Sarah Palin. 

  3. See, one(1) of your posts like this is worth 95 front-page blatherings. Does us all good to see grammar, organized thought, and  cleverly-expressed opinions. Not to mention wishing you all the best for a productive fall.

  4. I don’t even look at the front page of xanga. We are leading parallel lives!  8th grader, 4th grader (although  mine is *just* turned 9 – yikes, she’s young), freelance writing/editing.

  5. FINALLY!    The bear has sent out a search party for you and has apparently been successful.    Enough of that never ending facebook blather.   Your Xanga posts are far superior.   

  6. Ah, what a relief.  I had given up and decided I’m all alone.  Like a true soldier I keep posting…I cleaned out my universal inbox and mercilessly deleted every friend I don’t LOVE to read to avoid that front page feeling you’ve described.  It seems to be helping.  In my head it’s like the old days, when I was just starting out and felt lucky to get two comments.  And now here you are.  Maybe I really CAN make Xanga cool again…!!

  7. Xanga has a frontpage?   When did this happen?  The end of summer you say?  Summer started?  It’s still 64 degrees and raining.  When did summer happen and how did I miss it? And no I don’t post anymore, just occasionally read a few of my favorite authors, and discover what interesting thing they are on about today, even if it isn’t summer or the front page…

  8. The democrats ARE so so spineless. Little pussies.  They make me SAD. I guess that’s what diversity and thinking for yourself and being willing to see the other guy’s side will do to you.I think Little Bit and I have books in common, but not cats. I bet that gave you a little frisson of joy to see her curled up when she got home.  And good job, Tigger! I’m sure she will rock as a WEB leader.You seem to have kept yourself pretty busy and I’m sure will continue to do so. Don’t leave, us, though!! It was an excellent update and I was highly amused by the tea baggers… I mean tea partiers comments.  “What’s gayer than a tea party” HA HA HA!  Clever TR!

  9. I’ll be the last person defending President Obama, you can rest assured.  (And I hope it doesn’t come to that, me being the last defender, I mean.)  I still believe the prez is smarter than I am, and as you know, I think I’m pretty smart.  You’re right about the Dems being spineless, and Obama might or might not be blameworthy here.  I’m thinking that if he’d twisted some arms — if he’d used that supermajority he enjoyed in the first half of his first term (no question THAT advantage is going away) — he believes that he would have been vilified even more fiercely.Me being not as smart as the prez, who I am I to question that?  I mean we’re all allowed to second-guess, but that’s all it is.The GOP has overplayed its hand with the Tea Party trying to take over, and most if not all of the Tea Party nominees will prove to be unelectable in the general election.  (I’m hoping I’m right.)  So I’m predicting the Dems will still control both houses, but with smaller majorities.That means six more years of an Obama administration before we see where we go next.  In the next TWO years, Obama may still play this waiting game he’s been playing — get done what’s doable despite the obstructionist GOP preventing any meaningful changes from occurring.  Ah, but from 2012 to 2016, we just might really see what we’ve been waiting for.

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