My 13-year-old prodded me into updating my blog by starting one of her own.  Just a few days in, she’s already used the site to explore socio-cultural inanities and take her creative muscles out for a walk with some fictional interludes.  I realize my assessment is not unbiased, but I think I can truthfully say that the child has a natural facility with the language and already possesses more sophisticated analytical skills than the majority of adults.  In her first post she said, “Writing is my passion.”   Am I pleased and proud?  Oh yes, you may safely assume so. 


But it’s the other kid I want to talk about—the one who is turning 10.  I nicknamed her “Little Bit” when I started this blog.  She was four.  Every year I contemplate giving her a new, more mature nickname to better reflect her current state, and every year, including this one, I decide that she’s still Little Bit. 


When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, LB shrugged.  She couldn’t think of anything.  I offered some categories to help her develop a desire for a thing that could be bought, but she still came up empty.  I can only conclude that I have a happy and contented child who doesn’t watch much television.  She has never learned the craving for stuff.  She still enjoys getting presents, mind you, and she likes the stuff that she gets.  She just doesn’t have that empty space inside that people seem to fill by shopping for useless crap.


Here are some things you should know about Little Bit:

  • She spends the vast majority of her free time reading, and she’s quite particular about her books.  If she’s not already familiar with the book or the author, she would rather check it out of the library than get it from the bookstore.  LB likes to be sure a book is worthy of owning before she buys it.
  • She plans to be Luna Lovegood for Halloween.
  • After plodding through her own endlessly repetitive math homework, LB sometimes amuses herself by helping 13-year-old Tigger with her math.  LB would like her teacher to give her the birthday gift of a brand new, challenging math unit, but she’s not very hopeful.
  • She sleeps with a large stuffed rabbit named Fiona.
  • LB loves our cats, Emma and Charlie, more than anything else in the world, I think.  She identifies the day we adopted them as the best day of her life thus far.
  • Her mother loves her even more than she loves the cats.


Happy birthday, sweet baby girl.  May the next decade of your life continue to be filled with books, math, cats, and great things you haven’t even thought of yet.






9 thoughts on “TEN

  1. She sounds like an amazing little human. Happy birthday to LB, and many thanks to the amazing mother who brought her into this world and is raising her to make it a better place. Kudos to both of you.

  2. I love them both.    Happy Birthday to Little Bit.   She can carry that title proudly for many more years.   Please send the Bear email ID of new Tigger blog.   I can’t wait to read it.

  3. Awesome!!  Happy First Decade, LB!    My daughter (unlike my more materialistic son, haha) also could not come up with a birthday wish list – I love it and definitely did not push it!  

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