Xanga vs. Facebook.  But not here.  On neutral ground.


9 thoughts on “Smackdown!

  1. That’s funny, my partner and I were recently trying to get an old group of xanga friends back to their xangas because of the last of depth facebook offers by the 420 character limit.  I’ve met so many wonderful people because of xanga.  I think it’s not a vs. issue, both offer different things but xanga seemed to become a ghost town with the rise in popularity of Myspace and Facebook.  What I missed when not on xanga was the anonymity it offered, and the ability to be REAL with people from all over who weren’t coworkers or family members that may judge.  On facebook people are rarely REAL, it’s more about perceptions.  Many people are missing that independent thinking ability blogging offers.  Anyway, have a wonderful day.

  2. I agree with your assessment. And I would probably be on Xanga more if I allowed it to link to my Facebook, but there are people I have on Facebook who’ve never heard me curse and don’t realize I’m pretty much an athiest, so that wouldn’t go over well (some volunteers and long lost family members). Besides, I enjoy having a kinda-sorta private place to express myself. What ends up happening is I mostly use Facebook, and when I have a thought I’d like to share or a post that just writes itself in my mind, I turn to Xanga. The problem with that is that all my Xanga friends seem to have more or less moved on to, well, probably Facebook so there’s not many left to chat with here. Anyway. I agree.

  3. @illgrindmyownthankyou – hahahaha…yes, this was my take on it!!!  @transvestite_rabbit – What the heck are hub pages, anyway??  What ulterior motives???  Hilarious and thanks for the sidelong mentions.  😀  I think it may be that I just didn’t make enough good, dorm friends in college to really enjoy reconnecting with everyone from my past.  There are plenty of people from my past I’m glad to be shut of, quite frankly.  Xanga enlarged my circle.  Facebook limits it to people I’ve already met or I already know for some reason.  Or worse:  professional contacts who want me to elect them to things.

  4. Only my husband’s family was on FB.  I deactivated after my email became swamped with comments to another FB group. No I couldn’t get FB to do the selections I asked about email. I have watched a board lose contacts as everyone went to FB. Wasn’t the same.

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