What to do, what to do.


A year ago, 2010 started well, writing-wise.  I had a book contract in hand.  Sadly, by the time the year ended, said contract had been cancelled.  Yes, they can do that.  With that layered on top of a whole bunch of other frustrations and disappointments, 2010 turned out to be a not-so-great year for me. 


On the other hand, everyone else in my family is doing quite well.  Given how much they all depend on me to make life as they know it possible, I get some credit for that, right?  Yes I do.  And no, it doesn’t make me feel any better.


So, a new plan of attack is in order, in the form of three resolutions.


  1. Identify ten potential publishers for the already-written book and submit the manuscript to all of them. 
  2. The editor who cancelled the book expressed interest in a similar-but-completely-different book that I could conceivably write and suggested I send her some sample chapters.  So I will do that.
  3. A third, unrelated book idea is percolating in my brain.  I will develop the idea into a proposal and submit it to ten prospective publishers.


I might add a fourth, multi-purpose resolution: only set goals that are within my control.  My unmet goals last year depended on the cooperation of other people, and people are notoriously uncooperative.  None of my resolutions require that I actually get a book contract, only that I take the steps necessary to get one.  And last year’s unmet goals can just shove off.  I don’t need that kind of aggravation.


Onward, friends.




15 thoughts on “What to do, what to do.

  1. I watched a movie (The Answer Man) the other night in which Jeff Daniels’ character, who claimed to have spoken directly to God, was asked if there was a Hell.  His answer was “Yes, there is a Hell.  It’s called other people.”  Best to depend primarily upon ourselves, I suppose.  Good luck with the existing and future books.

  2. I usually tell my unmet goals to shove off around February.  (But it’s not like I have a book contract to recommend my strategy.  I’m just talking.)I’m always telling my daughter that she can’t control what other people do.  She can only control what she does.  And then I acknowledge that that sucks.Good luck with the new book/old book/all books.  🙂

  3. I love it.  Wisdom and hope and disappointment all wrapped into a succinct post.  People ARE notoriously uncooperative.  Here’s hoping 2011 is better than 2010.  And 2009.  And 2008.  And 2007…

  4.  This was one hell of a ride sorta year for me, too. Because of that, my goals are kinda all over the place this year, but it’s as it must be. Oddly, despite all the ups and downs, I still feel pretty content (-ish). You know. Anyway, you are talented and capable and those goals are reasonable, so I expect you’ll succeed. And I wish you all the luck in meeting them. Keep on, keepin’ on, as my grandma always says. If it helps to know, I think you are an amazing human, and I count myself lucky to know (-ish) you. Cheers, my friend.

  5. Sounds great!  Very specific and forward-moving goals.  I’d say you could do the first one this week 😉   Is it worth finding an agent instead, who can then target the right publishers?  If you are looking for a reference book publisher, let me know… I have a few contacts.  They mostly find authors for books they have developed internally but, if nothing else, I could use my contacts to find out some good target publishers for you.  

  6. Keep plugging away ..   Good things will happen in time.   You’re a great writer and have the fans to prove it.  BTW….how about bringing back that Scary Clown again..  

  7. “My unmet goals can shove off…”I LIKE that. I’ve just followed a link to your page from OBL’s site, and if you don’t mind, I’m going to spend the next hour or so perusing old entries. I’m Khai, btw.

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