Tweet This, Buster

I’ve been laying off the radical feminism lately, haven’t I?  Have you missed my ranting?  Fortunately, OBL has taken up the banner so I got a break. 

Actually, I’ve not laid off at all–just taken it to extra-Xangan realms.  There’s a book proposal building itself in my head, friends.  And you can help!

Here’s something I’ve learned about book proposals.  To get a publisher interested in your work, you have to have a platform.  “Platform” means “prove that a whole bunch of people listen to what you say.”  And how does one demonstrate this in the year 2011?  Blogging.  And, godhelpme, Twitter.

That’s right, friends.  You can’t get published without tweeting.  As for the blogging, no, my little corner of Xanga doesn’t count. 

So, while I’m developing my book idea, I’m building a web presence for my rad fem persona.  My previous published work has all been books and articles for kids and chirpy service articles for parents.  This book will have a very different audience. 

I set up a Twitter account and have been learning how the place works.  You’ll be glad to know it’s not nearly as devilish as Facebook in terms of egregious violations of privacy.  It’s also not nearly as much fun.  Right now I have a measly, pathetic THREE followers.  Three followers will not get me a book deal, people. 

If you are Twitterish, please follow me.  I’m @CJAnton.  No, it’s not my real name.  It’s a pen name I may or may not keep.  This is all experimental.  So far I’ve not been very interesting on Twitter.  My fb friends tell me I’m a lot of fun.  I’m going to try to be fun on Twitter, too, but the format doesn’t feel natural to me.

There will be a blog, too, but there isn’t one yet.  When I get it going I’ll beg you all to pay attention to me there, too. 

The 21st century seems to demand endless self-promotion.  With much of the population of the world at your fingertips, each little human must work harder and harder to be noticed.


9 thoughts on “Tweet This, Buster

  1. Interesting.  I’m glad you shared this, because I think I need to start a separate blog in my area of expertise (health care), which incidentally I don’t feel so expert in anymore.  Or at least one that isn’t filled with whining and mocking my neighbors.  I have been afraid to get into Twitter for fear of becoming obsessed.  If I jump in, I will follow you, of course.  I hate that expression – it sounds so cultish.

  2. OmigodandnowfreakingTwitter.  Okay.  I have no idea how Twitter works.  Do I have to do anything, to “follow” your Tweets?  Can’t they just magically come to my phone or something?  I’ll give you my cell phone number…I’ll give you my firstborn if you don’t make me start my own tweeting account…AMEN ON ENDLESS SELF-PROMOTION.  That’s the idea I started with for my second novel. (please ignore the clause ending in a preposition and now also the new sentence in parenthesis that starts with a lowercase ‘p’).

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