Spring Break/Anniversary Edition


Spring break passed by in a whirlwind of activity and even included one day that actually resembled spring.  (That foolishness is over and we are back to the cold, gray rain we love here in the Pac Northwest.)  Events included:


  • My anniversary of 16 years.  Technogeek and I woke up that morning having made no plans, since plan-making is not our way.  A quick look at events around town turned up a show I wanted to see (Coco Montoya, blues guitarist of awesome).  We scored the last two seats in the house, which just goes to prove the power of love, or some damn thing.  And so we reaffirmed our dedication to not making any plans next year, either.


  • Sakuracon.  If you have a teenager or some other geekoid person living in your house, you may be familiar with the “con” concept.  If not, I will explain.  A con is when a large number of people with a common, passionate, let’s face it, unhealthy interest in something (in this case, the anime genre) get together in one place and behave in ways that are normally socially unacceptable.  Actually, it looked like a lot of fun, what with the costumes and the art and the games and the terribly important panel discussions.  Anyway, my teenager spent three days at this event.  Thankfully, her friend’s family appreciates the con lifestyle so she spent those days with them.  All I had to do was show up several times to deliver crucial items to her. 


  • A friend gifted me with a package of Dove Promise chocolates.  Each square is contained in a foil wrapper with a bit of wisdom or inspiration printed upon it, much like a chocolate fortune cookie.  With great excitement I unwrapped the first one: “Don’t do, simply be.”  Huh.  I admit I’m having some trouble interpreting that inscrutable remark.  Clearly, being is not optional, unless you’re dead.  (I guess it’s not optional in that case, either.)  Not doing is possible, but seems inadvisable.  Granted, there are many things I do that I would rather not do, but still, not doing them is not a choice I can make without consequences I would like even less, since the chances that someone else will do those things hovers lower than the average temperature in Seattle in “spring.”  Undaunted, I unwrapped another chocolate.  “Buy yourself flowers.”  That one I get!  In fact, I shall obey, because I like to have a vase of fresh flowers in the bathroom.  (Why the bathroom?  Having been recently remodeled, it is the nicest room in the house and the only that is flower-worthy.)  At that point I had to stop unwrapping (and eating) chocolates, because chocolate-palooza was about to hit.


  • Yes, I mean Easter.  As you might guess, the Rabbit family does not attend to the Christian mythology of Easter, but to the Pagan rebirth, renewal, and gluttony part.  So there were baskets, there were plastic eggs hidden around the house, verily, there were Peeps, which no one ate, because Peeps are gross, but you have to have them anyway.  There was brunch with friends, and more chocolate, and Little Bit found the golden egg. 


And then spring break was over and Easter was over and Sakuracon was over and we all had to return to real life in the cold, rainy world.  But I’ma buy some flowers today.




7 thoughts on “Spring Break/Anniversary Edition

  1. If I can’t Do, I don’t want to Be.Would you care for an anecdote of the ironic persuasion?  My MIL is such an Easter purist that she refuses to do anything bunny- or egg-related on that day because she wants to keep it totally religious.  In order not to miss out on all the delicious Easter candy, however, she always gave her children “spring baskets” on the first day of spring.  This is a tradition that has carried through to our family.  As a result, there is much fuss made over the Spring Equinox (pagan) and the holiest day of the Christian calendar is not such a big deal.  Except we do have a big ham for dinner.  Because ham always makes us think of Jesus.

  2. @madhousewife – I have been told several times that in some countries (China and somewhere in Europe), if you order something “vegetarian,” it comes with ham.  Apparently, ham is not “meat.”  Maybe because it is Jesus-related?  I cannot explain these things.

  3. I love your description of a con, specifically the “normally socially unacceptable” part.  Our Easter celebration is similar in its eschewing of all things Christian.  My sister aptly described it as The Most Hallmark of Easters.  And my son actually prayed to the Easter Bunny, asking him to come leave treats the next morning.  Now THAT was an odd moment.  Peeps are a big hit here in Hallmark Easter Land – but mostly with the kiddies.  I find them gross, but have never met a piece of chocolate, egg shaped or otherwise, that I didn’t like.  We have one other odd Easter tradition that comes from my husband’s (atheist) family.  How bizarre to have an Easter tradition from that branch of the family, but why not?!?  I think I’ll write a blog about that one.  Now I’ve hooked you, right???

  4. My husband recently got a cookie fortune that said “See previous cookie.”   I picture some fortune writer typing away, tired of churning out the same meaningless drivel and wondering if anyone ever reads those things anyway.  Good for you for buying flowers, though. 

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