I Admit I Am Powerless over the Birth of Jesus and Too Much Chocolate


Generally speaking, one mish-mashed holiday season blends into the next for me.  The Christmas of 2007, for example, stands out in my mind as…entirely forgotten.  As does Christmas 2008, 2009, and so on.  I might remember this one, though, because after we opened the little gifts and mountains of candy that Santa had stuffed in our stockings, the lights went out.


We don’t lose power very often, and usually only for a few minutes, so I was initially unconcerned.  The minutes went by, though, and no reassuring sounds of machinery reawakening occurred.  We were expected at my mother-in-law’s house in the afternoon.  My husband had planned to bring Swedish meatballs.  Fortunately, we have a gas cooktop, so the meatballs could proceed as planned.  Unfortunately, MIL lost power too, so the whole event was in jeopardy.  Baby Jesus wept.


But then a Christmas miracle occurred, and MIL’s power was restored.  So we did not have to test the theory that Christmas would come without packages, boxes, bags, roast beast, central heating, the microwave, and lamps.  Christmas came with all those things and everyone’s heart remained unenlarged.


We returned home around 7 pm and found our own house dark and cold.  A fire was built, candles were lit, our laptops still ran on battery power, and we kept up with facebook on our cellphones.  Yeah, it was rough, but with grit and determination, we survived.  Around 10:30 pm, my husband decided to force the electric company to restore our power by firing up our emergency generator. 


It’s a bit of a process, making the generator go.  It involves manually opening the electric garage door, jump-starting the generator with the car, warming the generator up, annoying the neighbors with the roaring of the generator, and finally, the power came back on before the generator could be made to work.  So, mission accomplished, Technogeek.


Now it’s an entirely unmemorable day after Christmas and the kids are watching a movie they’ve both seen a zillion times and it’s peaceful and warm in the house and there’s lots and lots of chocolate.  2011 is gasping its last few breaths and a fresh, young year awaits the stage. And so it goes. 






7 thoughts on “I Admit I Am Powerless over the Birth of Jesus and Too Much Chocolate

  1. Ooh, that’s a priceless touch, your system of ‘forcing’ a restart on the grid. “stands out in my mind as…entirely forgotten.” and ‘Baby Jesus wept’ are high-value zingers too. Love reading re-caps with this much coy.And maybe it’s Moses who caused your ‘power-less-ness’. He’s stubborn that way. Clever title:)

  2. @transvestite_rabbit – Haha. Familiar. Here I tear open a roof for remodeling. If that don’t work, I add hanging out a load of laundry. Great post here, I re-iterate. Everything an ‘above-average’ Reader could dream of: Data+ delicious diddling wid-it. Hope my 1%-ers find it:)

  3. {{LOL}} Speaking of power outages, I personally lack the power of wit possessed by the two of you (TR and JS), which means I lack the power to bring the kind of smiles to your faces that you just brought to mine, but I do have the power to wish everyone here a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  4. I’m glad you made it through such a rough and tumble Christmas, TR.  You are a real trooper.  I hope you soothed your raw nerves with lots and lots and lots of chocolate.  Preferably dark chocolate.  And maybe some wine.  Red wine.

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