Ann Romney, Republican Martyr


Pity poor Ann Romney, who was recently, unceremoniously dragged into the mud-wrestling ring by her husband, the ever-clueless Mitt. Candidate Romney attempted to cover his own complete inability to relate to others, especially those in possession of vaginas, by casting his wife in the role of interpreter. Problem is, Mrs. Romney is eminently unsuited to the role. Not only does she live in the same mansion(s) that he does, she apparently never leaves them except to get in one of her Cadillacs and drive to another one, or to engage in her favorite sport, dressage, an activity that few Americans could define and only might possibly know that it involves owning five-figure horses.


A Democratic operative, whatever that means, loudly opined that Mrs. Romney has never worked a day in her life, thus setting off a firestorm of bumper sticker sentimentality from the right, left, and middle. Every Mother is a Working Mother! Being a Mother is the Hardest Job in the World! Being a Mother is the Most Important Job in the World! All Choices are Good Choices! We Respect Stay-at-Home-Moms More! Don’t Dis the SAHMs! And blah blah effing blah. Yes, we all Respect SAHMs. And that, plus $4.11, will buy a SAHM a tall soy mocha at Starbucks.


The truth that the Democratic operative, whatever that means, was ham-fistedly pointing out was that being a SAHM, though respectable as all get out, actually prepares one for…nothing. It’s the ultimate dead-end job. Sure, it might seem like after the decades-long multitasking gauntlet of wrangling the children, the husband, and house single-handedly, one could easily step into a CEO position of at least a moderate-sized firm. I believe Michelle Bachmann made that argument, actually, when she was still running for president. But in fact, the world outside your house doesn’t see it that way. At all. Go ahead, apply for a management position with nothing but a 20-year SAHM job on your resume. Let me know how it goes.


So the Democratic operative, whatever that means, might be forgiven for wondering just what Mrs. Romney knows about struggling to build and maintain a career; find safe, affordable childcare; keep yourself and your family healthy when you don’t have insurance; battle discrimination and unequal pay; ensure that you can have a reasonably comfortable old age; and other concerns faced by many, many women, but not by Mrs. Romney. There’s nothing wrong with marrying a rich man and raising a pack of kids. Bless you, Mrs. Romney, they all turned out well. Thank you for your service. But perhaps Mitt could find an operative, whatever that means, of his own, with some expertise in or experience with the reality faced by a wider contingent of women in the US. Let Ann go back to her horses.




16 thoughts on “Ann Romney, Republican Martyr

  1. dude, why are you dissing dressage???  I grew up riding dressage, and not on six-figure horses. Not even on five-figure horses, although one of the girls who rode at my barn had one of those. We all made merciless fun of her. Poor, clueless girl, who never worked a day in her fifteen-year life, and had a five-figure horse. I’m about to take my daughter to a place out west where they have horses. The rumor is some of them can do dressage. Haven’t you ever seen The Dark Horse?! (terrible, terrible movie. Don’t rent it).

  2. It’s depressing to see the so-called “mommy war” rear its ugly head.  It was an unfortunate choice of words for the “Democratic operative” because, of course, what she really meant was that Ann Romney has never had to worry about how she will pay her bills, but OH NO, now we have to pit the SAHMS against the WOHMs. I was a SAHM for thirteen years, and during that time I was *very* sensitive to criticism of my choice.  I was one of the people offended by Hilhyry Clinton’s remark about baking cookies. (I still think it was a bitchy thing to say.)  I don’t think I would have been offended by this latest comment, because it’s pretty obvious from the context that it didn’t mean that SAHMs are useless..  And anyway, most SAHMs *are* dealing with economic realities, unlike Ann Romney. During my sahmhood, I was acutely aware that I wasn’t worth much on the job market, with my BA in English.  Not only did I have an old and not very useful degree, we lived in a city in which I had no business contacts whatsoever.  I went back to school, got a second degree in nursing, worked as a registered nurse in an acute care unit in a hospital and when I realized that I hated nursing so much I had to find a new job or lose my mind, I was able to land a fulfilling and better-paying job in the medical software industry which has opened doors to several new career opportunities, such as software consultant or nurse informatacist.  So it is possible to launch a career after a long period as a sahm, but it isn’t easy.I feel a little sorry for Ann Romney being pulled into the spotlight, no doubt against her will, but her husband is an ass. . 

  3.  If she had had to give up dressage so that her boys could go to private school, THEN I could relate.  Sort of.  It’s all relative.   Excellent analysis. 

  4. “Go ahead, apply for a management position with nothing but a 20-year SAHM job on your resume. Let me know how it goes.”That sums it up really well!

  5. @Daylily02 – Yes, but you went back to school and effectively started over.  The larger point is that they wouldn’t have let you be a nurse just because you had 13 years of SAHM experience tending the wounds and illnesses of 4 children 🙂  

  6. I would have never known about dressage but since my name Philip means lover of horses, I suppose it is just part of me and the fact that I chased after a woman who was a dressage rider. Taking part in dressage is a lot of work. you get up early in the morning and brush and feed the horses. and you ride the horse in a precise manner.@Daylily02 – Thanks for the comment about SAHM and luckily my ex wife did not have to restrict herself to doing that, but passed the chore to her mother who raised my two fine daughters. Looks like G-d picks the appropriate gender of children and we parents sort of hopelessly try to get credit for rearing children.—————————————Oh the main topic is Ann Rommey. I am sure that her illnesses made her humble and I will wonder what her position on health care will be? Oh wait Mitt Rommey has a position and it looks like she will be silent on that issue even though she probably could say a word or two on that issue.

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