Joy to the World


I’m at the piano joint, listening to Little Bit play “Joy to the World” for her teacher. It’s one of my favorite songs and I grabbed the book of sheet music titled Pop Tunes Old People Love mostly for Jeremiah the bullfrog. As it happens, though, the upcoming recital will likely be LB’s last. After six or seven years of lessons, she’s lost her piano mojo but is grooving on the clarinet in the 6th grade band. So, in about 20 minutes I will have the uncomfortable task of telling her long-time teacher (who was also once Tigger’s teacher and long, long ago was my teacher) that our family is done with her services. LB told me I was not to say she was “quitting,” but that she was “switching to clarinet.” In any case, we have been monopolizing a prime after-school slot for years, so I don’t think the teacher will have any trouble filling it.


After that, I will have to set up clarinet lessons with some currently unknown teacher. Confession: I’m hoping that LB will at some point jump from clarinet to saxophone and get into the blues. Not that I would foist my musical tastes onto my child. *cough*Jeremiah*cough*.


Another confession: I own a guitar. I’ve owned it for over a year, and I meant to learn to play it, but so far I have not. If I could set up guitar lessons for myself at the same time and place that LB is taking clarinet lessons, we could both learn to play the blues! I see a family band in our future. If the Partridge Family made it big, why not the Rabbit Family?


One thing I will not miss about this piano joint: the guy who talks loudly on his cell phone for the whole half hour his kid is in his lesson. Also, there’s no comfortable place for parents to sit while their kids are playing their scales. I’m straddling a piano bench right now. We should’ve quit, I mean switched to saxophone, I mean clarinet, long ago.



Several hours have gone by. The conversation with the teacher went as well as could be expected. LB is going to continue lessons through the December recital, so the teacher may lobby her to change her mind. She (the teacher) seemed a bit upset.


Now I’m at the Starbucks while both kids are in karate class. What is it people do with their time when they don’t spend it shuttling children from one appointment to the next? Fortunately, neither kid plans to quit/switch out of karate in the immediate future, though Tigger has been making noises about trying roller derby. Personally, I associate roller derby with Raquel Welch. Does anyone else remember that movie? My mother took me to see it when I was 7, the same year that George McGovern spectacularly lost the presidential election. I’m sure those two events are not related.


It would be fun to skate to this song.



10 thoughts on “Joy to the World

  1. You have to switch to html before you paste in the embedded code. Did you do that?So my daughter recently switched from taking piano lessons with one guy to taking lessons with the other guy, who used to teach her only drums. Now she takes both from this guy, who is way better. I didn’t even have a talk with the first guy, because my son still takes lessons from him, and he is about the most chill, jazzy dude you’ll ever meet. Sometimes, I want to check him for a pulse, he’s so mellow. But, wow – am I glad the daughter switched. The new teacher is working on songwriting, teaching her piano and drum accompaniment to the same (current) songs, and oh yeah – got her a gig as the lead singer in a middle school rock band. Their first gig is late January at a big venue in town. I hope the clarinet (or sax, and/or guitar) leads to similar experiences.

  2. Stopping piano lessons was one of the hard decisions I remember from my kids era.Universal avoidance of the quitting word,but what else to call it when we walk away from something. Like cow milking.

  3. Going backward: I recently went to the roller derby. I just hired a piano teacher for my daughter, and she did not sound upset. I didn’t consider how it would feel to break up with her. Thanks for that. I started band on the clarinet, only because my cousin already owned one. I only have 4 cousins, in the world. All 4 are girls. Only 1 was old enough to give me hand-me-downs, yet my single first cousin dominated my band experience in 6th-8th grade. Then I switched to flute, which was unheard of. I had to practice in secret. Oh, how I loved the flute. I still have mine. It’s at the top of my closet. It’s a…backup plan. For what? Good question. You should go ahead and learn to play the guitar, but don’t forget to plan for the callouses.

  4. I remember taking you to see that movie!  Were you really only 7?  There must have been a serious shortage of kid’s movies available!  Roller Derby can be awfully dangerous, I hope Tig will not persue it.

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