Performance Anxiety by Proxy

The pressure’s on the Rabbit children tonight. Tigger is performing in a high school drama production. The show is a series of short, one-act plays that were written by students and are directed by other students. Tigger plays “Commander” in a piece that has something to do with aliens. I’m unclear on the details. I’ll be playing “audience member” tonight, so maybe I can tell you more about it later.

Little Bit, who is a competitive mathlete, is at a sixth-grade math tournament with her team. They have historically done fairly well at this particular competition (the fourth and fifth grade versions of it), and LB is usually the top-scoring kid in her group, so I know she is hoping to bring home a team or an individual trophy. The awards ceremony will be going on while I’m in the audience at Tigger’s play, so dear husband Technogeek will be quietly texting me the results.

The competition math club has been the best part of elementary school for Little Bit, hands down. (Ours is a K-6 elementary.) If middle school and cultural girl-brainwashing don’t beat the math chops right out of her, she has a bright future in a STEM field. I believe there’s a future blog entry in that.

Until then, please send break-a-leg vibes to Tig and make the sign of pi across your chest for Little Bit. Thank you for you support.


8 thoughts on “Performance Anxiety by Proxy

  1. I have a hunch they’ll both do great.  Back in the stone age, before calculators and computers, I was a mathlete and a really bad one at that.  But I was a good writer so I wrote a column for the school paper about our coach, chairman of the math department, Fingers Lenchner. 

  2.          ^ oops. I had to go back & edit my comment to say Little Bit.  I’m confused by aliases.  Also, are you going to change her name once she’s in jr. high?

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