Summer Update, Yo

Well, it has been a while since I blabbed about my kids. We’re now approaching late summer break here in the civilized part of the world where school starts after Labor Day. Here’s the status report:

My 16-year-old again has a summer job as a day camp counselor. Yay, Tigger! Tell that teen unemployment rate where to go! She’s also doing a three-week Counselor-in-Training program at the sleep-away camp she has attended every summer since 4th grade. Next summer she will do a four-week CIT program, and the summer after that, when she’s 18, she can likely get hired to be a full-fledged counselor with a cabin full of little girls to wrangle every week. Tig has had this planned out pretty much since that first year of camp in 4th grade. Way to follow through, baby!

My younger daughter, Little Bit, is 12 now and not very little at all. In fact, she is exactly the same height I am and still growing. It’s bittersweet when your baby goes and grows up like that, I’ll tell you. LB has become a mature and self-possessed almost-teen. This summer she has attended a variety of enriching and fun camps, including computer programming, astronomy, and arts. And this summer she successfully got her own self home from some of those camps—even the one that was five miles from home. She rolls her eyes when I tell her I’m proud that she rode the city bus all by herself, but it’s a bigger deal than she thinks, for her and for me. Way to develop your independence, Little Bit! Oh, she’s also been volunteering at a cat shelter. It’s her job to pet, play with, and love the kitties. Someone’s got to do that hard work.

The new school year is looming large and represents big changes for both kids. Little Bit is starting middle school (only grades 7 and 8 in our district) and planning to be the Best Middle School Student Ever by acing her classes, being an ASB Senator, competing on the math team, and playing two instruments (clarinet and saxophone) in two different groups (wind ensemble and jazz band). Way to stay incredibly busy, Little Bit! Great preparation for the adult-level multitasking Olympics to come.

Meanwhile, Tigger is starting college in the fall, thanks to our state’s dual enrollment program. She will take classes at the nearby community college and earn college and high school credit at the same time. Way to be educationally efficient, Tigger! I am so excited for her I might attend the first week of classes with her! (Just kidding, Tigger. You’re on your own.)

More about the new schools later. Hope y’all are having great summers.


5 thoughts on “Summer Update, Yo

  1. It’s weird your kids are getting so old. But then again, my middle boy is 11 and tall as I am, so I guess my kids are getting old too. Congrats to Tigger and Little Bit for being so awesome.

  2. Is there really a “teen unemployment rate”? I didn’t realize someone was tracking that. We have done dual enrollment for our kids and it pays off, literally, in all the courses you then don’t have to pay for when they get to the “real” college.

  3. Volunteering at a cat shelter! My daughter would love to do that. The older one. The younger one would probably like it too, but she’d prefer a dog shelter. She’s a dog person.

    Riding by yourself on a city bus is a big deal. I feel proud of myself every time I do it. (That’s not even a joke.)

    Your children are very impressive. They’re growing up well.

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