Dancing in September

So here it is, September, my favorite month. Not because it’s my birthday month; at my age, birthdays are not nearly as thrilling as they used to be. But I love fall weather and thunderstorms and changing leaves. I love sending the kids back to school and I love going back to school, or I would if I could. September: the month of new beginnings.

This year, though, it seems more a month of endings. And crises.

One crisis means that my main freelance gig is going to come to a crashing halt soon. I have other gigs but they are insufficient. I will need to find another part-time main gig that will allow me to continue working my other, smaller gigs, or I will need to find a full-time main gig that will force me to quit most of my other jobs.

I’m not sure I can manage a full-time job because the children-and-house job continues to occupy vast amounts of time, even though the children are big now, and I can’t quit that one. And in any case, I’m not sure I can get a full-time job for all of the sociocultural and economic reasons why a middle-aged mother with only part-time, scattered workforce engagement in the last 16 years can’t get hired.

But it’s September, so I’m feeling hopeful. Sort of.

Today I’m in a coffee shop searching job boards for gigs and coming up with nada. But there’s a fire in the phony gas fireplace and it’s wet and dreary outside and I may just close my laptop and read a novel by a southern woman about southern women. I’m a fan of U.S. subculture lit.


7 thoughts on “Dancing in September

  1. I was going to talk about a lot of other stuff but I got bogged down in wondering whether I’m a fan of U.S. subculture lit. I’m going to be in Seattle for the awp thing, yay. Sorry about your main part-time gig, and I’m saddened to hear the kid/house job is still taking up so much of your time, because from a long distance it seems like two motivated, independent, academically successful young ladies honing in on the final years of k-12 school wouldn’t interfere with a main, full-time gig. But now that I’ve said that I can’t believe I just said it. Of COURSE they would!! Duh.

  2. My office is hiring for a full time director of fund development and communications. Me thinks you would be perfect, but for the thousands of miles between us. And then there’s that full time thing.

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