New Year, Same as the Old Year

Hey, happy New Year, friends! As you can see, I did not perish in the Great Tofu Apocalypse of 2013. Phew! But you may rest assured I will exercise greater bean curd-related discretion this year. That’s as good a resolution as any, I think.

Plans for January:
1. Look for a job
2. Look for a job
3. Resist the urge to sink into the black pit of despair re: not having found a job
4. Drink a ridiculous amount of coffee

That about covers it.

Did I tell you I’m starting a web design class next week? The big project for the course will be building a website. But about what? My cat-obsessed child is voting for a kitten site. Or bunnies. Or music. Or math. Or all of the above. However, since her primary interests are not necessarily mine, I may reject all of her suggestions, heartfelt though they may be.

I do know that the site will not be a free blog full of random musings, expostulations, and the occasional political outburst. Been there, done that.

Please list your ideas in the comments below, preferably including plans for monetization, so I don’t have to find a job after all. Much obliged!


9 thoughts on “New Year, Same as the Old Year

  1. ‘Tofeggadon, vhile ve’re namin names. (I’ve nov lost the letter ‘g’, vhich I copied and pasted from your use of the vord ‘big’ above. My available alphabet is feelin’ a lot like the paucity of Hebrev lately.)
    As to serious musin’, monetization? My grandpa made and installed horseshoes; he hated the horseless carriage but came to terms… vith time. That is to say that anything ‘net-sale-able’ this veek could vell be tomorrov’s horseshoe. Sorry for the dovner. i am confident though that any project you put your heart and talents into vill be a careful gem. (Thanks for the ‘g’s.

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