Partly Awesome with a High Probability of Rain

Hello. I haven’t blogged in quite some time. That’s because I decided not to blog until I had something awesome to report, and very little in the awesome category has happened to me in the last, um, so long I can’t even count it up. The one bright spot was my friend OBL’s visit to Seattle. I got to meet her and I got to meet Madhousewife, too. We tromped around downtown on a lovely day and were all relieved to discover that our internet friends turn out to be exactly who they claimed to be. This time. My elder teenager was somewhat scandalized that I was meeting people off the internet, but I lived to tell about it.

The next night, my husband and I took OBL to a somewhat pretentious (somewhat justifiably) restaurant and chatted about all manner of things and especially about writing, writing conferences, publishing (or not), and other topics I rarely get to talk about with anyone who cares. So that really was awesome.

Sadly, that’s the sum total of awesomeness for me. My current job situation: a handful of clients totaling not nearly enough work. Current prospects: As TV’s Frasier once said, Abe Lincoln’s future looked brighter when he picked up his tickets at the box office. Current writing/publishing efforts/prospects: nada. On the bright side, it’s just a few years ‘til menopause.

My kids are okay. Yesterday I took Tigger (who is hovering on the brink of 17) to visit a college about 80 miles from here that looks like an excellent fit, both academically and socially. Now Tig is excited about that school. Yay! And, Tigger will be testing for her driver’s license soon. In the meantime, she logged a lot of good freeway practice by driving all the way to and from the campus, including several minutes in a seriously torrential downpour. She kept her cool and we got home safely.

Little Bit, who is exactly 13.5 today, is all about music this year. Middle school is such an enormous snoozefest that her music classes (wind ensemble and jazz band) are the only things making it worthwhile to show up. But she loves the music—yay! She likes to listen to Simon and Garfunkel’s Concert in Central Park album, especially the rocking saxophone solo in Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard. She also digs Glenn Miller. No hip hop! No dubstep!

So yeah, my kids are awesome, but I take no credit. Their greatness is their own.

I think I’ll go back to topical/political blogging, since it doesn’t depend on my happiness or lack thereof. And the possibilities are endless. What would you like me to rant about?



18 thoughts on “Partly Awesome with a High Probability of Rain

  1. I have been lucky enough to meet with four or five people that I’ve met through blogging on Xanga over the years. I can honestly say that not one of them was an unpleasant experience. I was more charmed by my internet friends after I met them. The first one I met worked for a sheriffs department and they were fairly confident that I would be some psycho wielding a knife.
    I was never more proud than the day my, at the time 13 year old, daughter walked through the grocery store and mentioned Nat King Cole was playing. 🙂

  2. I’ve met three Xangans so far (other than my kids and their friends, who were on Xanga long before I was). OBL is high on my list of people I’d like to meet.

    My oldest daughter was the only one of my four kids to attend public school past 5th grade. Music was the one bright spot for her in an otherwise dismal environment.

  3. I’m glad to hear you’re doing well, if not awesomely.

    And I am getting interrupted mid-thought, but it’s good to see you. (I am formerly DBZ, btw. I am not sure if I made that clear.) I’m sure whatever you choose to blog about will be more than worthwhile.

    • I AM SO MAD AT YOU FOR DISAPPEARING AND MAKING ME THINK YOU WERE DEAD. So cool new username. Noticed you haven’t made any comments on MY blog, but whatevs. I’m sure you’re busy. I’m sure you’re VERY VERY VERY EFFING BUSY. Also, sorry for yelling. I know how you get about yelling. Also, I secretly knew you weren’t dead, because I stalked all my former Xanga friends on FB through promises FB site and discovered no one was dead, yay.

      • Huh wha? Okay, this is another reason why WordPress sorta sucks sometimes. Jeebus. Wow. No, not dead. Do you still have a pseudo-real obl email? I will email apology.

    • I think I do have an OBL email account but now I have to go find that place where I wrote all the passwords to all those kinds of accounts, haha. I wasn’t really yelling. I was just surprised you were on here, and very surprised to encounter you on TRs site, is all. I thought you’d moved on in your world and stopped blogging. No apology necessary.

  4. Okay, first of all, ::blushy smiley face::: and it was awesome to meet you too and Seattle is still one of the most awesome things to happen to me lately. And second of all HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT WAS DBZ, I FEARED HE WAS DEAD. Sorry for the yelling. I’ll reply to him directly.

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