Look at me, blogging two days in a row. This could become a habit.

I know I promised politics but I think I’ll talk about yoga. Last night I took my 13-year-old to the gym for a yoga class. I hadn’t done yoga in…two years? It’s been a while. Little Bit had never done a yoga class. The teacher was super nice and welcoming, but the whole experience was a little weird.

I used to attend a noon yoga class, which was always so packed that one could hardly swoop one’s arms over one’s head without accidentally smacking one’s neighbor. In the 8 pm class, LB and I were half the population. This resulted in an uncomfortable amount of attention, culminating with the teacher observing my frowny, concentrating face and suggesting we try to wear “gentle yoga smiles” and have a “happy practice.”

I’d forgotten how hard yoga is. It doesn’t look hard, what with all that graceful swooping. But zowie, hold some of those poses long enough and you might wish you’d chosen to do some easy powerlifting instead.

And I’d forgotten how quasi-religious/spiritual/mystical yoga is. “Honor your shoulders,” “surrender your heels back to the mat,” and other peculiar ways of giving straightforward messages like “don’t push it so far that it hurts” or “put your feet down.”

I did feel good when it was over. “What did you think?” I asked my child.

She shrugged. “It was kind of…boring.”

Well, powerlifting for her next time.

Now I will honor my wallet by getting back to work. Namaste, friends.


11 thoughts on “Namaste

  1. My yoga teacher does not speak like that, thankfully. I took my 20 something year old daughter to yoga a few years ago and she replied exactly the same way as yours. Some people need more stimuli.

  2. Yesterday I signed up for a class that says it’s part yoga, part pilates, part Ballet and part small weights. Hmm. No idea what to expect. But looking forward to not being bored!! Cannot take any more barbell classes or weight circuits. Will DIE of boredom if I have to do one more set of weights.

    • I took a pilates class once. One class. I never went back. It almost killed me. Usually when I go to the gym (twice this year, so far!) I just do 30 minutes on a treadmill or bike or stairstepper. I know I should lift weights, but, eh. You can’t watch TV or read a magazine or anything while lifting weights.

      • EXACTLY.

        Mat pilates are impossible. I was just discussing this with a friend at lunch, over enchiladas and chips and salsa, ha. It was a spinach enchilada, though. Anyway, pilates only work if you use that medieval bed thingie, which is ungodly expensive and suspiciously intricate for a health option. But I’m feeling good about my barre class. I feel like THIS will be the answer for me. More strength training, less magazine-reading-cardio. We’ll see.

          • I get a lot of evening and daytime walks. Also something I learned yesterday: I’m actually not in terrible shape. I’m just overweight. So. That’s awesome. I just have to eat less. But man, I really like to eat.

            • This is my problem. My core is insanely strong — I rock the Pilates, core barre, boot camp abs, etc. – but it’s hidden under extra weight and c-section mess. Sigh. Need to lose the carbs – but it’s so very hard. I love yoga, too, but rarely make time for it.

  3. I have a daily reminder to go to a yoga class I never signed up for. This is all very discouraging towards all types of exercise, which I appreciate.

    I may look into Tai Chi.

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