Well, I missed a day but I’ll still call this blogging day 4.

I was expecting today to suck, for Personal Reasons I won’t go into, but almost immediately it started sucking much more. First, I parked my 13-year-old minivan outside a coffee shop where I was going to spend a few minutes prior to the Personal Reason. When I walked to the door I discovered the place was no longer a coffee shop at all, but a pizza joint that wasn’t even open yet.

So I got back in the car to drive to the Starbucks a few blocks away, but Oscar (the Odyssey) was acting funny. Vibrating. That’s not a good sign, right? I drove a bit and decided I must have punctured a tire. I stopped in a parking lot and walked around the vehicle, examining (more like glaring at) the tires. They looked fine. I started Oscar up again and noticed that two of the warning lights on the dash were brightly lit. A bad sign indeed.

I called the Honda dealer and explained the problem. The man on the phone agreed that it was indeed a bad sign and we agreed I should bring Oscar to them for treatment. He couldn’t really say whether it was safe to drive it. Probably?

After the Personal Reason, I drove to Hondaville in my vibrating, lighted-warning-sign minivan. Safely. So it all could’ve been worse.

“We’ll need to keep it all day,” said the Honda Dude.

So now I’m at home with no car and I can’t do the errands I was planning to do today and I’m afraid Honda Dude will call and tell me Oscar needs to be put down.

It has been my longstanding plan to keep the minivan until both kids are grown and gone, even though it would be kind of groovy to have a new car. Why?

  1. Teenager 1 will obtain her license very soon and will sometimes drive my car. Do I want a teenager driving my brand new car? No, I do not.
  2. Same teenager will need to be delivered to a college dorm in about 1.5 years. Then moved back home for the summer. And so forth. Minivan = lots of space to haul teen’s possessions.
  3. Repeat all of above with teen 2.

 So please bow your heads, friends, and pray for a full and speedy recovery for Oscar.


16 thoughts on “Omens

  1. I’m feeling good about Oscar’s chances. I’m driving my new car as much as humanly possible so I can justify giving it to a teenager in about two or three more years. As you know, I drove my minivan for a long time. But less than 13 years. I think I drove it for about 8. It could have made it to 13 and then a teenager could have driven it but I finally decided I needed a full sized spare and a newish car for mountain driving. Cars. I hate cars. They’re so expensive and such a giant pain in the ass.

    • Honda Dude just called and said Oscar needs a new ignition coil. I have no idea what an ignition coil is, but it sounds important. I gave the go ahead and hopefully, Oscar and I will be reunited at about 4:00.

      Yes, giant expensive PITAs, are cars. If I could live and work in a safe, walkable neighborhood with the all the stuff I need, I would only drive once a month or so. Especially if it didn’t rain all the time and it stayed light until 10 pm every day, not just in the summer. And I didn’t have to drive the kids all over creation. Eh, never mind.

      • hahahaha yeah, that’s a lot of “ifs”. Driving is utterly indispensable in Texas. Utterly. Unless you’re a shut-in. Then you probably don’t need a car.

  2. My parents’ Odyssey broke down on Friday. Something “exploded under the hood,” to hear them tell it. I believe that car is a ’99, but it was used. Cars are a bit like crossroads demons. You get a brief moment of smooth riding followed by the consumption of your soul. I’m glad your demon’s mechanic gave you a reprieve.

    I hope that you were able to postpone your Personal Problem or make alternative arrangements.

      • Around here, as in WordPress? I must have missed that one. It sounds like one with the potential to be a lot of fun, if you would consider posting it again.

        Or you could tackle some of the topics I brought up on my blog with your trademark brand of wisdom.

        Just saying.

  3. In case you’re curious, an ignition coil is the wonder widget that takes the 12 volts or so from the battery/charging system and makes it into the several thousand volts that are required to make a spark happen in a spark plug.

      • Yikes! That’s a lot for an ignition coil replacement. It’s a $30-$50 part that could be swapped out by a DIY mechanic in half an hour. I’m hoping that the shop’s diagnostic skills are what they should be — I’ve seen lots of perfectly good ignition coils replaced when the problem was really a bad spark plug wire or the switch module (a solid state device that takes the place of the old ignition breaker points of yesteryear). You’ll know once the engine gets up to full normal operating temperature, I guess. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you. 🙂

  4. I just traded in my 10 yr old Odyssey for a new 2014 one. I said I didn’t need a new one, but my oh my do I love it’s newness. My kids are younger – wasn’t ready to move out of van mode yet. I hope Oscar is ok.

    • That’s the thing…there continue to be reasons why you need the whalemobile even after the kids go teen on you. I do have a list of must-have features in mind for my next car, but not switching yet.

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