Vision of the World

Thanks for all the good wishes re. Oscar the minivan. He’s back to his usual creaky middle-aged self, much like moi.

Later today I have a telephone interview. In fact, I have two telephone interviews scheduled this week. I’m trying to construct the proper attitude for these events: External attitude: Confident and enthusiastic. And passionate. They love that. Internal attitude: Not overly invested in the outcome. You might note that the external and internal attitudes are somewhat contradictory. And that just sums up the modern condition, don’t you think?

Here’s an organization with which I do not have an interview scheduled: World Vision. Have you heard about the World Vision kerfuffle? Let me tell you.

World Vision is one of the largest Christian non-profits in the country. They do tons of critically important humanitarian work in third world countries. They are powerhouse fundraisers. So much so that when I asked an experienced development guy to point me to some resources for learning about the art of planned giving, he pointed me to World Vision. No one does it better, he said.

Since spreading Christianity is part of their mission, in addition to feeding people and whatnot, they require employees to sign a profession of faith. I’m not a fan of that policy, but eh, that’s what they do.

They also require employees to be biblically correct in their personal lives, which means no cohabitation. If you’re shacked up, you’d better be married.

Here’s where it gets interesting. World Vision is based in Seattle. I am guessing that, as in all Seattle non-profits, World Vision’s home office is full of gay folk. (If you are thinking, “but gay folk are not Christians,” let me tell you, I have been amazed by how religious gay folk are, as a group.) And this being Washington State, same-sex marriage is a thing. So, a gay-married employee is cool, right?

Last week, World Vision announced that it was now officially okay with gay-married employees. That’s the law here, they didn’t want to be “divisive,” and they sure didn’t want to be firing good employees for getting married.

The liberal blogosphere exploded with joy. Yay, World Vision! Quick, send them money to replace what they are going to lose from the gay haters!

The right-wing Christian blogosphere exploded with rage. Quick, withdraw your support from World Vision before some homo gets a paycheck!

Just a day or two later, World Vision caved and announced it was reversing its decision. The liberal blogosphere exploded with rage. The Christian blogosphere sniffed huffily. And that was that.

And that sums up the modern condition too, yes?

UPDATE: World Vision board member resigns over same-sex marriage policy reversal.



15 thoughts on “Vision of the World

  1. That’s messed up. It actually makes me angry. But righteous angry, like Jesus cleansing the temple. (The people at World Vision should understand that reference.)

    I am not angry about your interviews. I hope they go well. I should say I’m glad the last one went well and I hope the next one goes even better. How’s that?

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