Why is This Blog Different from All Other Blogs?

The good news: I made a list! I took out my steno pad and listed all of the tasks, big and small, that I should’ve done already but couldn’t because they weren’t on a list.

The bad news: The list is eight miles long and I have crossed off not one single thing yet. It turns out making the list does not cause the things to be done in and of itself. Damn it.

So hey, it’s Passover. Since I am a heritage-based Pastafarian Jew, I will naturally be celebrating Passover by cooking up some Asian stir-fry noodles with chicken and broccoli. I will eat it whilst reclining and chanting the four questions in Hebrew. I have to chant them in Hebrew because that’s how I learned them in Sunday school at age 9, circa 1974. I can’t do it in English.

Speaking of the haggadah, here is a book recommendation for you. People of the Book, by Geraldine Brooks, is a historical mystery of sorts, in which a 500-year-old illuminated haggadah has been held and kept safe by disparate protectors who value its beauty and meaning. Their stories are intertwined with the modern tale of a book conservationist charged with restoring the volume and learning some of its history. It’s all kinds of nerdy intellectual and you will eat it up if you like that sort of thing.

Meanwhile, drink some bad wine, eat some giant, tasteless crackers, and practice your sea-parting skills in the bathtub. If you decide to wander in the desert for forty years, take plenty of water. Better yet, take a GPS gadget. Use it to find a Trader Joe’s and get some better tasting stuff for dinner. Shalom.


16 thoughts on “Why is This Blog Different from All Other Blogs?

  1. Intriguing stuff. Now I really want to move next door so we can hang out next Passover.

    I think a blog should be whatever you’re comfortable with.

  2. For many of my teen years, I spent Passover with my best friend and family. I loved their Seders and all the food, matzoh and all. But then I only had to eat it at that one meal. Enjoy your stir fry. Mazel tov! (Autocorrect changed that to Mazes TiVo. Which sounds kind of fun, too.)

  3. You just made me remember that we were supposed to put together a mini-Seder for the kids at Sunday School this week and I FORGOT. But I think there will be other opportunities and I am still tired and unmotivated. And I have requested that book from the library. Now to put together a short presentation on Jacques Cousteau for home school group – any suggestions on where to find little red hats for all the kids? That requires no forethought?

  4. Well I’m happy you made a list, if only because it’s a Good Sign. Like Passover. I guess. I don’t know any Seders. Or questions. Or Hebrew. I have, however, heard about the book by Geraldine Brooks about fifty ninety bazillion times, and I would really like to make time to read it, some time soon.

      • That’s an interesting application of religion to real life. I like it. Mr. OBL and I were speculating on how it is that the dance studio felt justified having a MANDATORY dress rehearsal at a distant university on Passover. We were wondering if perhaps it is possible the dance studio has NO Jewish students. I concluded that must be unlikely. He concluded that perhaps the Jewish dancers aren’t practicing, to which I responded that even non-practicing Christians eat jellybeans on Easter. We left the question unresolved. But it’s curious.

  5. ALWAYS include “make a list” on your To-Do List, that way you have at least one thing to cross off and can feel productive before putting the list away to take a nap.

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