Just two weeks remain in the school year. I’m sorry (really sorry) to say that Little Bit’s initial perception of middle school (a lengthy slog through molasses) still holds here at the end of 7th grade. For example, her comment on the state-mandated end-of-course (EOC) exam for Algebra I: “So dumbed down and boring I almost fell asleep.” I explained that the test is designed to ensure as many students as possible pass, no matter how little algebra they learned. She told me she has a classmate who is repeating the course, having failed it last year. But that kid still scored a 4 (highest possible score) on last year’s EOC exam.

My child now lives for music. Unfortunately, her two band classes happen at the beginning of the day, which means there’s little to look forward to after 9:30 am. The class she hates the most: Spanish, which moseys along at a pace resembling the movement of glaciers back before we had global warming. I think they may have finally learned colors last week.

Meanwhile, elder child Tigger opted right out of high school and spent the year taking classes at the local community college. I highly recommend this path if you live in a state that offers a dual-enrollment program. After next week’s finals, Tig will have completed 11th grade AND a full year of college, and will have spent almost zero time on the campus of the detested high school. I’m calling that a win, even without knowing this quarter’s grades yet.

So, summertime. Turns out contemplating summer is a lot less stressful when your kids are old enough that summer is not just a 12-week childcare-scrambling nightmare.

❤ you, teenagers.


7 thoughts on “Playschool

  1. Poor Little Bit. 😦 Summer is awesome. No getting up early, no snacks or volunteer days, no worries. Yay.

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