Men Are Bad for You

Not sure how I ended up down that rabbit hole, but I was reading some bible banger’s screed about the perils of homosexuality. Specifically, the author was discussing the dangers for men who have sex with other men rather than women. The cornerstones of his argument: disease and violence.

It did not seem to occur to him that these arguments apply equally well to women and thus constitute an endorsement of the lesbian lifestyle.

Here, I made a handy chart to explain:

The danger               The risk for women with men          The risk for women with women
Pregnancy                                     High                                                          Zilch
STDs in general                            High                                                     Much lower
HIV                                                 High                                                           Zilch*
Intimate partner violence          High**                                                   Almost zilch***


*There have been five reported cases, not all substantiated, ever.

**99% of intimate partner violence committed against women is perpetrated by men (Bureau of Justice stats).

***That leaves 1%

The facts are all there, ladies. Go with girls for a safer and healthier life. You’re welcome.


My almost-ex objected to my use of statistics above, correctly pointing out that they do not account for the relative numbers of male/female versus female/female relationships. It is very difficult to track down actual prevalence stats, especially since many reports seem to conflate male/male and female/female relationships, when in fact these are obviously not the same at all. If it helps, the same report from the Bureau of Justice says that for male victims of intimate partner violence, 83% of the perpetrators were female. This clearly suggests that male/male relationships are much more likely to include violence than female/female relationships, but still does not indicate actual prevalence.



3 thoughts on “Men Are Bad for You

  1. Are you saying that fertilization ought to occur in inseminatoriums and men should be relieved of all duty toward offspring thereafter? I’m closely related to a male who would think your plan quite groovy.

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