Not Sorry

It seems like everyone I know is irritated with me right now, for all sorts of reasons, past, present, and theoretical future. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the people who are mad at me:

  • My almost-ex husband
  • My lawyer
  • My lawyer’s paralegal
  • My almost-ex husband’s lawyer
  • At least one friend
  • At least one person who appears to be a friend but may not be, really
  • That guy at the bank
  • Probably others who are irritated I’ve left them out

I was going to write a non-exhaustive list of all the things I am not sorry for, but I’m going to save that for a time when I feel stronger. For now I’ll just stick to my mantra:

No apologies, no regrets.


12 thoughts on “Not Sorry

  1. Is that really your mantra?
    I’m not mad at you. YET.
    Oh, and in regard to previous post about packing it all up and going to Costa Rica… no joke. I have a friend doing just that. They are even taking their daughter out of school for a year and using the rainforest as their classroom. I think you and Little Bit should do that. Then again, the bugs and humidity…

  2. If you would like to sing it, here is a great song from a great musical, UrineTown – We’re Not Sorry. The I’m Not Sorry Part is towards the end of the song (1:39). LOVE IT!!!

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