Some Good News, for a Change

You may remember a couple of years ago I wrote this post about my daughter’s friend, A, who became very ill while in the sixth grade.

Almost two years have gone by since then, and let me tell you, that little girl is a Class A Heavyweight Don’t Even Eff with Me I am Going Win Fighter. She endured horrible treatments, awful medicines with terrible side effects, chemo over and over, a bone marrow transplant, a secondary life-threatening diagnosis, months and months in the hospital, months and months confined to her home, and perhaps worst of all, the knowledge that not everyone survives this experience.

But that was then. Right now, almost two years later, A has been declared free of the original malady, free of the secondary cancer, and free of all of the other ways that things went so horribly wrong for her. Free.

School starts in a couple of weeks and she will be joining Little Bit in the 8th grade. They’ve already compared schedules and determined that they will have geometry and social studies together.

I am so proud of A for beating back the darkness. I am so proud of Little Bit for being a good and steadfast friend. I am so happy for A’s parents, who are buying school supplies instead of medical equipment this year and who will, at least as it stands now, get to see their little girl grow up. I am proud of the doctors, nurses, technicians, and everyone else at the local children’s hospital who did everything in their power to save A’s life. And because I’m a fundraising person, I’m even proud of the donors who helped build the bright, slick, modern cancer ward at that hospital, because they saved A’s life, too.

Well done, humans. Well done.


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