Don’t Go There

I’m not looking, and if I were looking, I wouldn’t look *there*, but several times in the last few weeks I have succumbed to morbid curiosity and checked out the personal ads on Craigslist.


I scrolled through several hundred subject lines in the “men looking for women” category. I ignored all of the guys who were or claimed to be under 45 or over 60. That eliminated most of them. Then I clicked on a bunch of ads from guys in that 15-year range.


They fell into several distinct groups.

  1. Old dude trying to hook a young chick with the lure of money.
  2. Old “dominant” dude looking to hook a young “submissive” chick with the glow of pop lit.
  3. Old white dude trying to hook young Asian chick.
  4. Old angry dude whining about the evil/annoying/fat chicks.
  5. Old married dude looking to hook married (to someone else) chick on their lunch hours.

They weren’t *all* quite so creepy and/or disappointingly predictable. But overall, ohmygod.

To be equitable, I hopped over to look at the “women looking for men” ads, too.


Since I apparently need a new and better hobby, I’ve decided to find/start a grown-up book club (with wine) after I’m all done getting divorced.

Who’s in?



22 thoughts on “Don’t Go There

  1. Also, I want to say that I find it quite amusing, thinking about you on Craigslist, looking for hookups. Have you heard about Tindr??? Of course you have. EVERYONE has. Don’t tell anyone I mentioned it to you, because it’s such a dubious idea, and I can’t believe I just mentioned it. I am NOT in favor of Tindr. But I find it amusing to contemplate when my friends tell me they’re using it.

  2. yeah, I checked out the craigslist ads for much the same reason – agh. just, agh.

    if men are allowed, I’d join your book club.

  3. I am in too!

    That way I won’t have to drink alone. I meet all my guys in the library, but there are creeps there too. My ex uses a dating site, so if you meet a great guy from Nebraska, let me know so I can save you if it is him.

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