When I was growing up, my family entertained our collective selves by watching television each evening. That’s how everyone entertained themselves because, I don’t want to shock you but, there was no such thing as the internet. No websites, no facebook, no pinterest, no blogs. Not only that, but there were no smartphones, nothing called “apps,” no handheld video games, and not a single e-reader. Heck, we didn’t even have VCRs or cable until late in my adolescence.

Therefore, I can discuss and sing the theme song to every popular TV show that ran between about 1972 and 1983, when I went off to college. But I know almost nothing about any show that arrived on the scene after that. That’s okay, because I’m sure most of them stink, even though there are 600 channels of programming now.

As it happens, though, my younger child likes to watch TV with her parental units and of course I am delighted to do that. Every minute of happy time with a 14-year-old must be cherished.

It works like this: we pick an old show that is available on Netflix and we watch every single episode ever made, one per night on any night we have an hour to spare. Most recently we watched Rosemary and Thyme, a charming and silly British show about two fiftyish-year-old women who travel around Europe repairing the gardens of fabulous estates and solving the murders that happen at *every single job they do.* Why those ladies never got arrested is the real mystery here.

Since Little Bit enjoyed that one, we have now embarked upon Murder She Wrote. That’s going to take a while because the show ran for twelve freaking years. We may intersperse MSW with episodes of Columbo for a little variety. We haven’t started it yet but I explained that Columbo is the story-reading grandfather from Princess Bride.

And, since Little Bit’s parentals are now separate units, she watches different shows with her dad. Last I heard they were plowing through the Dick Van Dyke Show, presumably to be followed by Mary Tyler Moore.

If any of you don’t recognize these names due to the recency of your birth, you need not inform me of that fact.




6 thoughts on “Television

  1. double the pleasure in re: TV viewing with the parental units! Bonus. 😉 Did I ever tell you that our next door neighbor became miserably jealous when our parents divorced because our dad started taking us bowling every Sunday (until visitation changed, when he started taking us to fairs/festivals every other weekend)? In fact, I was in a bowling league in college because I rock at bowling now, because of my parents’ divorce. And ALSO, he eventually added Saturday night season ballet tickets to our every-other-weekend repertoire (and sometimes Friday night symphonies), which is when I developed a lifelong interest in the arts. One of my friends happens to be the principal dancer from that stage of my life. She’s retired from ballet now, of course. I met her in a book club. But I grew up watching her because of my parents’ divorce. Just, you know, in the positive column.

  2. You’ve inspired me to revisit some of the tv that I watched with my parental units, back in the Dark ages of the late 50’s, early 60’s. I’m starting with Naked City and Peter Gunn.

    • I’ll watch out for that one. The guest star thing is very amusing to me, but not to my daughter, since she doesn’t recognize any of those people. The episode we watched tonight featured Dano from Hawaii Five-O, Mr. Addams of the Addams Family, and Arnold Horshack.

  3. Oh, man – I’d swap shows with the dad…I love DVD and MTM! My childhood best friend was (and still is) obsessed with Murder She Wrote. I used to tease her for watching an old lady show, back when we were young. Now I keep my mouth shut!

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