Man, bad stuff happens. The older I get, the more times I have seen horrible things happen to people, random badness, for no reason except that our lives are basically a big game of Russian Roulette and sometimes you take the bullet.

I’ve seen children turn up with cancer or die suddenly from infectious diseases. I’ve seen people lose everything in fires. I’ve seen smart, talented, hardworking, high-performing people lose their jobs during a recession and be out of work for so long they will probably never recover, financially or emotionally. I’ve seen children lose parents to cancer, to prison, to drug-addled oblivion, and to the deepest depression.

And now I’ve seen a woman in her 40’s, one of the neighborhood moms, have a stroke. I don’t mean I saw it happen, but I’ve been watching the aftermath via facebook with a sick, stricken horror. My friend—she’s beautiful and funny and has had a hard life in so many ways. She has a new job she loves and two kids she loves more. It’s so *unfair*.

People do recover from stroke, and she’s so young and strong. Right now she can’t speak or get up or do much of anything, but she’s somewhat conscious and has responded to a few commands and they say the brain swelling is stable. It looks like a long road but I’m hoping to eventually get a text from her that says, “Told rehab to fuck off. Going home.”


One thought on “Bang

  1. I’m so sorry. That’s awful. One of our forty-something neighbors had a heart attack recently and it was terrifying. There’s just no way to get around the fact that bad things happen.

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