Cheer Up

This blog has been a real downer lately, hasn’t it? Let’s see if I can find some happy tidings to report.

My friend—the one who had a stroke—has made terrific progress. She can sit in a chair, communicate in non-verbal ways, use one arm (but not the other yet), and other activities that I’ve heard are well beyond what the docs thought she would be capable of at this point. Like I said before, she’s young and strong and I know that nothing, NOTHING will stop her from getting back to her girls.

I had a pretty damn validating week at work last week because $70,000 came in the mail, every penny of which was the direct result of my efforts. Specifically, I brought in one $60,000 grant and one $10,000 grant. I work for a big organization with lots of programs. Some of the programs pull in tons of grant money and others do not. The 60K was for a program that doesn’t get a lot of grants, so the people who run it literally jumped up and down and gave me hugs and high fives. YES, I AM AWESOME. YOU’RE WELCOME.

My very talented middle-schooler auditioned for a spot in the Junior All-State Band and got in. Yay, Little Bit! This band being all-state and everything, the performance moves around from year to year. This year they will be performing in Spokane. For those of you unfamiliar with the geography of Washington, let me explain that Spokane is ALL THE WAY ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STATE. And, there’s a gigantic mountain range between here and there. You might think they would schedule this event for May, when it might be nice to take a trip through Eastern Washington, where they have real winters and Republicans and stuff, but no. February. Freaking February! But it’s positive day on the blog, so yay, Little Bit!

Also, LB took part in a math competition over the weekend. She wasn’t too happy with her team’s performance but her excellent individual performance made her the top 8th grade scorer at her school. W00T!

Elder child Tigger’s high school counselor pronounced her “super on track” to graduate. Largest task remaining: complete a “post high school plan,” also known as a college application. I know you’re reading this, Tigger. The end is near; get it done!

Well, I expect that’s all the jollity you folks can stand. Have an incredible Monday!




4 thoughts on “Cheer Up

  1. Impressive! And I have now been in the middle of your state (in Bend two weekends ago) and it will be a long drive for the awesome, but sometimes awesome makes you work for it, right?? Great job on the grants!!! Now where will Tigger go to college?

  2. An Omaha school had to come out here, 30 miles from Wyoming, for football playoffs. It needs to be done from time to time so everyone remembers how big the state is, and that the road goes both ways. Generally they expect us to travel east.

    I believe it was a Feb last time I was in Spokeane. Safe travels.

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