The first post-divorce Thanksgiving is almost upon us. It took us quite awhile to figure out how to manage that, even though the answer was always obvious. One of us (this year, him) will cook turkey dinner to have with the kids. The other (this year, me) will go to a friend’s house and partake of their turkey dinner. Next year, the reverse.

So that’s cool. I’m excited about being a guest instead of a host for the first time in 20 years. All the good food and none of the stress! Should’ve tried this years ago.

People keep anxiously asking me if I’m okay. Even my boss anxiously asked me if I had someone to spend Thanksgiving with. What was he going to do if I said no? I guess he might’ve invited me over. Thanksgiving with the boss might be even worse than the always perilous Thanksgiving with the extended family, some of whom may drink to excess. Anyway, I’m okay. I’m going to a friend’s house. I’m bringing green beans with shiitake mushrooms and a pumpkin cheesecake. It’s all good. For which I am thankful.

One year, years ago, I put a “thankful list” up on the wall so the kids could list things they were thankful for. I should’ve kept it. The only item I remember was written by my practical younger child: “My glasses.” She had just gotten them, you see, and suddenly the world was a much less blurry place. That is indeed something to be grateful for.

I wonder what they would write if I put a paper up on the wall now? And what would I write? After we all finished rolling our eyes, we might think of a few things. The cat would definitely make everybody’s list. And chocolate. Little Bit might add her saxophone and 40-year-old episodes of Columbo on Netflix, while Tigger might put her girlfriend and Subway sandwiches on the list.

Me? I am thankful that I’m healthy and well-fed and safe. I am thankful that I have an open door where I used to have a brick wall. I am thankful that I really am okay and that my ex-husband is okay, and that between us we will make sure the kids are okay, because neither of us ever meant to do any harm.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

EDITED TO ADD: Oh, of course the original thankful lists were recorded for posterity right here on this blog:




8 thoughts on “Thanksgiven

  1. I understand the post-divorce holiday situation. I’m glad it is going well.

    it’s not too late to put a thankful list up on the wall. everyone may need it. ?

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