Dating, Part 2

I seem to have fallen out of the blogging habit again. Apologies to those of you waiting on the edges of your seats to hear my midlife dating stories (all names changed, innocent or not).

I’ll tell you, friends, it strikes me as funny to be casting my eye over the male population with the intention of forming relationships with some of them, given that I hate men and everything.

At least I thought I did. I mean, people have told me I do. Some of them have told me that repeatedly, though I never thought that accurately represented my feelings. But who am I to argue? If you go around noticing and objecting to certain things that happen in the world, it’s not because those things are objectionable. You just hate men.

However, at this time I must tell you, friends, the evidence suggests I don’t actually hate men! Not at all! In fact, some of them are quite charming. Some men are smart and kind, insightful and funny, relaxed and easy. Even more unexpectedly, some of them seem to like *me*, even though I am a known man-hater.

So I’ve kept company with some men I don’t hate, and nothing bad has happened. Indeed, it has been quite enjoyable. I think I will do it some more.


7 thoughts on “Dating, Part 2

  1. I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. Or enjoying charming men, rather. Or both. You know what I mean. Or maybe you don’t. Or maybe I don’t know what I mean, except that I wanted to say something nice and non-man-hating.

  2. Men can be charming. They’re insidious that way. Just kidding. I love men. I love some men more than others, but I don’t hate any of them. I hate one man. I’m not related to him though, and never have to see him, so that’s good. I don’t really hate him, I guess. I just feel very very angry any time I think about him. But he’s not in my life. Wow, that was a lot of things about me. So happy you’re dating!

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