School is Stupid, Part 1,000,000,000

My newly radicalized child has been at it again, subverting the authorities and sticking it to the man. The subject of her activism this time: the National Day of Silence, which happened last week.

The Day of Silence is intended to draw attention to the silencing of LGBTQ students that is the result of harassment and bullying. Participants remain silent in school all day. They still do what is required of them…some kids carry a little whiteboard around to communicate with, but no talking.

Back in 2010, my eldest was instrumental in making DOS happen at our middle school. It still happens every year, but now there’s a whole bureaucratic procedure around it. Kids have to obtain forms and get them signed by every teacher they will see that day. Then they get a badge to wear, identifying them as a participant.

Little Bit did that last year. This year, radical girl skipped the whole procedure (clearly instituted to create a barrier to participation) and simply printed the logo from the website and made her own badge. (Those of you who watch Survivor will recognize this tactic as “making a fake immunity idol.”)

That worked fine and nobody called her out on the fake idol. BUT, one substitute teacher was not familiar with DOS and gave her a hard time.

Substitute called the roll and was about to mark LB absent when the other kids in the class hastened to explain that she was present, just silent. They explained DOS and what it was about, but Substitute was not impressed. “That’s nice, but in MY class, when I call your name, you answer OUT LOUD.”

He asked LB if she was there. She nodded.

He asked again. She nodded again.

He asked a third time before giving up and moving on. He may have recorded an unexcused absence. Don’t know.

All together now, friends: WHAT A DICK!

When I related this story to another parent, he was incensed and suggested I lodge a formal complaint with the principal, the school board, the mayor, and god.

I am not inclined to go that route. LB has several more years in this school district and she has already pissed off the powers that be with her opt-out campaign. There are only eight more weeks of middle school. Let’s just get out alive.

What do y’all think?


4 thoughts on “School is Stupid, Part 1,000,000,000

  1. I don’t have a statement prepared at this time. But something about how it sounds like Little Bit is in a good place learning to fight her own battles right now, so maybe supportive standby mode is appropriate? A vote of support. That’s what this is.

  2. Wow, what a substitute jerk. First of all, the sub should have been informed about the day – way to go, school, on promoting awareness around the issue. If I was the sub, as soon as I found out from the students what was going on, I would have said “THAT’S GREAT” and honored the students who were doing it.

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