Apologies in Advance

Ok, I know y’all breathed a sigh of relief when Little Bit finished middle school last June. Some of you may even have marked it on your calendars as the day it was safe to come back to TR’s blog. No worries…I have no more children coming up, so the specter of middle school is banished.

But high school started today. Freshman orientation, to be exact.

I don’t think I can overstate the level of my child’s unenthusiasm for this school year to begin. Nor can I even begin to convey how profoundly disappointing it is to me, as a parent and a former educator, that the public school system has so thoroughly disengaged my highly intelligent and sensitive child. But there we are.

I still have hopes that the teachers…maybe just one of them…will present interesting and challenging activities that LB will think worth getting out of bed for. And I am hopeful that one or both of the music classes she’s taking will excite her.

If not, we have an escape plan to get out of the four-year slog after just two years. But still, two years. You might want to mark your calendars again.


4 thoughts on “Apologies in Advance

  1. Oh, man – that sucks. The “specialty” center system we have here seems to really engage kids like LB. Here’s hoping she has some renegade teachers that keep things interesting.

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