A couple of months ago my husband informed me that there would be no 2008 Presidential election, because around October Bush would manufacture some immense national crisis that would force him to suspend the election and retain power. 


I laughed and said to myself, “Well, the old boy’s gone round the bend.  Runs in his family.”


A few weeks later it became clear that neither Bush nor any member of his staff could be held accountable to Congress.  “Just ignore that subpoena,” he told his cronies, “I’m the Decider around here.”


Technogeek repeated his assertion about impending martial law, and I laughed again, a nervous, whistling-in-the-dark kind of laugh.


Recently it has been disclosed that the NSA has been busily intercepting and “analyzing” the telephone and electronic communications of anybody they please.  “Warrant?  What’s a warrant?”


This time when Technogeek launched into his conspiracy theory I told him to shut up because I didn’t want to spend my time worrying about my country as I know it crumbling into dictatorship.  I’ve got kids to raise.  I’ve got grant apps to write.  Both endeavors require an optimistic outlook.


Well today I finally read George Will’s column in last week’s Newsweek magazine.  Will is a conservative so unflappable I’ll bet his hair doesn’t blow in the wind.  He didn’t go as far as my husband in his dire predictions for the future, but he derided the Bush/Darth administration for their lawlessness.


Truly, can the apocalypse be far behind?




I don’t know about you, but I’m going to start wearing a Groucho nose and glasses and carrying a big black umbrella.  Don’t want Big Brother to find me.