TR the Tech Professional

I was going to fold the laundry, but the cat is peacefully snoozing on top of it. I was going to begin cleaning my office, but the magnitude of the mess overwhelmed me. So I made a cup of tea and sat down to blog.


Job search news: A friend and fellow editor had an offer of work she could not take. She posted (on the devil Facebook) a call for her comrades to step up and take it on. Up I stepped, and so I will soon have some freelance work editing dissertations for grad students. Now I have to set my price. How much will students who desperately want those doctoral degrees pay to make their lackluster prose shine and get their participles undangled?

In the meantime, the hunt for a steady job continues.

Also in the meantime, I signed up for a web design class, which begins in January. Pasting my ramblings into a free blog is about the extent of my current skill level in that realm. So an intro class will greatly increase it, I hope. Not that I’m expecting to get a techie job anytime soon. I’m too old and way too far behind the curve for that. But, many non-profits are even farther behind that curve and if I can write their grants AND manage their websites, all the better for my prospects.

Another benefit: credit. The college credits for the web design class, combined with the credits I earned for another class this quarter and the credits I earned a few years ago will make me eligible to have my long-lapsed teaching certificate reinstated. That will reopen another avenue for gainful employment. And I ask you, who wouldn’t want to be a substitute special ed teacher?

There it stands. Now I will abandon my messy office again and go run some errands. But alas, the moment of reckoning is coming.


Dancing in September

So here it is, September, my favorite month. Not because it’s my birthday month; at my age, birthdays are not nearly as thrilling as they used to be. But I love fall weather and thunderstorms and changing leaves. I love sending the kids back to school and I love going back to school, or I would if I could. September: the month of new beginnings.

This year, though, it seems more a month of endings. And crises.

One crisis means that my main freelance gig is going to come to a crashing halt soon. I have other gigs but they are insufficient. I will need to find another part-time main gig that will allow me to continue working my other, smaller gigs, or I will need to find a full-time main gig that will force me to quit most of my other jobs.

I’m not sure I can manage a full-time job because the children-and-house job continues to occupy vast amounts of time, even though the children are big now, and I can’t quit that one. And in any case, I’m not sure I can get a full-time job for all of the sociocultural and economic reasons why a middle-aged mother with only part-time, scattered workforce engagement in the last 16 years can’t get hired.

But it’s September, so I’m feeling hopeful. Sort of.

Today I’m in a coffee shop searching job boards for gigs and coming up with nada. But there’s a fire in the phony gas fireplace and it’s wet and dreary outside and I may just close my laptop and read a novel by a southern woman about southern women. I’m a fan of U.S. subculture lit.