Dear Sarah,


I gotta tell you, girlfriend, you’ve been a huge disappointment to me.


It’s not that I wanted you and McMaverick to win.  Oh no, I did not.  But sister, I was counting on you to represent.


See, I believe—well, I used to believe—that every time a woman gets within spitting distance of the Oval Office the nation gets a little more comfortable with the notion of a female President.  And it becomes a little more likely that a woman will actually get elected.  If not the current candidate, then the next one, or the one after that.


The relentlessly knowledgeable Hillary Clinton, with her constant insistence on droning on (and on, and on) about policy, national and international issues, and other boring Washington insider stuff, brought us about 100 steps closer to the time when Americans will elect a woman. 


And in a short four weeks on the campaign trail, Sarah, you’ve knocked us back at least 75.


I thought you were going to wow us with your intelligence, your savvy, and your ability to use your staff effectively to help you learn what you needed to know, fast.  But frankly, there isn’t much difference between Tina Fey’s impression of you and the real you. 


When you burst onto the national scene, unapologetically riding a moose and waving a shotgun, I cheered for you.  I scoffed when people complained you were unqualified.  How is Obama any better qualified, I wondered.


But Sarah, he is.  Granted, he’s had the advantage of a year-and-a-half head start on you, and he benefited from Clinton schooling him in their many debates, but the fact remains—he’s got it; you don’t.  He can speak cogently on any and every topic related to the job of the President (or Vice President); you can’t.  He’s credible; you’re not.


McCain could have chosen any number of highly credentialed right-wing zealots to excite the Wacko Fringe.  He chose you because you’re female.  And when unqualified individuals receive promotions just because they are female/minority, it casts suspicion upon every female and minority in a high-ranking position.


When I saw your speech at the Republican convention, I thought for sure you would take the GOP nomination is 2012.  But no.  On November 5 you will head back to Wasilla, hang your gun back over the fireplace, and stable your moose.  I only hope that when the next female candidate comes swaggering in, your shadow doesn’t weigh too heavily on her.


No longer a fan,


Readers: I am happy to host civil debate, but please be polite.  Everyone’s views are welcome here.

Update: The Anchorage Daily News endorses Obama!


And if you’re interested, this is the study Palin complained about.