Last night Tigger asked me why soap operas are called “soap operas.”  I did not know the answer to that question.

“Use the power of the internet, Grasshopper,” I told her.  “Wikipedia shall reveal all.”

“And then,” I added, “you can tell me what you found out.”

“Pft,” that disobedient grasshopper replied, “YOU look it up.”

“Excuse me?  You’re the one who asked the question.” 

“Yes, but you want to know too.  So you can look it up and tell me.”  This from a kid who piddles away her free time watching endless, brainless youtube videos.  Like a quick side trip to Wikiland would be too much trouble.

“I will look it up,” I told her, “but I won’t tell you the answer.”

“Yes you will,” she decided.  “You will be dying to tell someone, and the pressure of the information will build and build, and finally it will spill out.”

So I looked it up.  But I’m not telling Tigger why soap operas are called soap operas.  And I’m not telling you either.  So there.