The Rabbits Go to Public School: “Summer” Vacation Edition

Some of you (and by “some of you” I actually mean “my mother”) are a teensy bit annoyed that I’ve mostly abandoned this blog, and when I do show up, I rant on about social/political issues instead of offering narratives of and insights regarding the daily lives of my children (and by “my children” I really mean “my mother’s grandchildren.”)  So forget the feminist revolution 2.5 I’ve been fomenting and journey with me to this day—June 21—the first day of “summer” vacation.


Side note: I will not take “summer” out of quotation marks until the temperature in effing Seattle rises high enough for me to comfortably turn the furnace off.  That’s right.  June 21 and I’m still running the heater.  Gah.


My delightful (and by “delightful” I mean “surly, yet charming”) 13-year-old just finished 7th grade at the local big, scary, public middle school.  You might think that sending my child to such a place would cause me to regret leaving the local small, safe, private school my kids used to attend.  But no.  Tigger had a good year, and my unconventional daughter benefited from the big diverseness of the place.  (Point of reference: the public school contains about 350 7th graders.  The private school—30.)  That’s a much bigger pool of peers from which to choose one’s friends.


Back in 6th grade, Tigger’s teacher told me to watch out for middle school social pressure  stomping the individuality out of my kid.  As if, Mr. S.  Tigger found herself a group of great friends who value her Tiggerosity and have plenty of quirks of their own.  As a public school bonus, they all live in our neighborhood.  And since they are all teenagers anxious to assert a bit of independence, they happily roam the local streets in a pack, probably terrifying the neighbors.  So it should be a great “summer,” too. 


My charming (and by “charming” I mean “delightful”) nine-year-old completed 3rd grade last week.  You might think that a 3rd grade gifted class at the local public elementary school would be just as good as 3rd grade at the hoity toity private school.  But no.  Little Bit’s class was huge (32 kids), split between 2nd and 3rd grade, and suffered through an inexperienced and aggravating long-term substitute when the regular teacher went on maternity leave.    (Yes, private school teachers have babies too, but the classes are small (12-16 kids) and the 3rd grade is not split.)   Little Bit spent the year discovering that apparently teachers are stupid and to be endured rather than appreciated.  Academically, she spent the year chafing at a slooooow curriculum that forced her to repeat work again and again and again and again.  On the positive side, she too now has good buddies who live nearby.


“Summer” is a welcome respite.  I believe 8th grade will be a good year for Tig, and I am hopeful, at least, that 4th grade will be a big improvement over 3rd grade.  We don’t yet know who the teacher will be, but we’ve been told it will be a straight 4th grade class.  In my experience with both kids at various levels, a split class is always disadvantageous to the older group and no better than neutral for the younger group.  While we await the next onslaught of education, the kids will be enjoying a variety of “summer” camp experiences and playing in the sunsh…ok, never mind that part.  They’re going to camp.  



16 thoughts on “The Rabbits Go to Public School: “Summer” Vacation Edition

  1. I admit, I’m also a teensy bit bothered that you’ve abandoned your blog (mostly) although I’ve enjoyed the fomenting and this was a charming and delightful explication re: the rabbits.  I too have hope for 4th grade!  Hope!  Springs!  Eternal!

  2. If only I could send you a little of our “summer” (and by “summer” I mean “inferno”), you could finally turn off the damn furnace.  Glad the public school switch has had some benefits to Tigger and at least a social benefit to Little Bit, for now.

  3. Well, it got up to a sunny 70 degrees here today, but it’s quite chilly at night & I am TEMPTED to turn on the heat… instead, I just pile on the blankets.  Since, you know, it’s June and using the heater just seems WRONG.

  4. Cannot even fathom that anyone anywhere is required to run a furnace.  “First day of summer” makes me laugh too, but for different reason –it has felt like August (90’s and humid) for most of June here.  UGH! 

  5. So sorry about your perpetual winter.   It’s been around 90 today with plenty of sunsh (ooops) and the A/C is cranking away now.   I’m glad you’re blogging again as it’s virtually impossible to follow the rabbit tracks on that nutty facebook.   Happy camping.

  6. perhaps it is because I am happily oblivious to my kids potential for misbehavior, but I can’t understand why so many parents are absolutely frightened of middle school. Allie sailed through without incident, and I found it reassuring that eight graders, for the most part, have not changed in 25 years – still goofy and fascinated by everything.  Send me some cool weather, please. XO

  7. Aw, I LIKE your political rants. Reading about my sister and myself is BORING.Also, you had better not have had the heater on today. I will smash the “thermostat”. Seriously, it was like 75 today at least. (…you know you’re a Seattle kid when 75 degrees is ridiculously hot.) @Barn_Bear – virtually impossible? on Facebook? Pun intended?

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