You know how Xanga puts all those annoying ads on your page?  And you post great stuff that lots of people come and read?  And they see all those ads? 

So, you drive the traffic to the site, and Xanga gets the ad revenue.

Now, you might argue that you get plenty of value in the form of fun and friendship in the Xanga community.  That’s how I see it.

But if you wanted to try a site where the poster gets part of the revenue generated by their own content, there are such places.*

Here’s a post I put up.  Go click on some ads so I make a few pennies!  Or leave a comment so I know you were there.  It’s not friendly like this place.

*Haven’t made a dime yet.  I’ll keep you posted, as it were.


Dudes!  I made 42 cents today!  But Google Adsense won’t send me a check ’til I get to $100.  Keep clicking!



  1. That beautiful little girl will probably be Britney/Lindsay/Paris in just a few more years. Maybe she has parents who think her welfare is more important than the money she can make by being famous.  My guess is, they’d rather have the money.  I’ll just go out on a limb and “guess” that by the time she is 20, she’ll be a drug addicted alcoholic with at least 2 kids she’s not allowed to go near.  That’s just a wild guess, of course.

  2. There were not any cool ads to click on that I could see but I left a comment.  The bright side of all this is that my writing is not really worth anything.  I do have a for pay column for local news but it is much more work than popping something out for xanga and it needs editing too.  

  3. Dudette!  Can’t contribute to your penny collection because I’m saving mine for a new printer.  And besides, it’s kinda’ the principle of the thing:  With your literary talent, you can do far better than pennies for your thoughts.

  4. I will stop by in a minute to see if I can make some money for you.  RYC: we are technically slumlords but by God we have the nicest houses in the slum! And we’ve got the debt to prove it (whole other sore issue with our business partner that we are shrugging our shoulders and learning to live with)!  If you go about 5 miles further south the same house would rent for probably 1100, but that’s just a guess.  We’ve found that if you really want to make money, have a trailer park! Not only can you pay off the unit in less than 10 years, you have access to continuous generation subject matter for the best, grittiest soap opera/day time talk show on the planet!

  5. I clicked the Google ads (because those were all I could find) for Axe Body Spray.  I now have a couple cases being shipped to my house.   This stuff had better work as advertised.

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